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Saint Barbara Kwon Hui (1794~1839)


Saint Barbara Kwon Hui


    Barbara Kwon Hui came from a family of martyrs. She was the wife of Augustine Yi Kwan-hon, mother of Agatha Yi and a sister-in-law of John Yi Kwang-nyol.
    Barbara was born to a pagan family, but later she became a Catholic with her husband. She risked danger by providing room and board for Bishop Imbert and the missionaries. She also permitted the people to use her house as a gathering place for Mass and catechism classes.
    After Barbara was arrested in 1839, she was tortured a number of times. What caused her greatest pain was to see her 16-year old daughter, Agatha Yi, who was arrested with her mother, suffer cruel tortures, hunger, thirst and cold.
    Barbara was taken outside the Small West Gate on September 3, 1839. She was beheaded there with five other Catholics. She was 46 years old when she received the crown of martyrdom.

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