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도리 헨리코 Henricus Dorie

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Henricus Dorie

Father Pierre Henri Dorie (1839-1866)

  Pierre Henri Dorie was born on September 23, 1839, the 6th son of simple peasant  parents  working  on  a  farm  in  St.  Hillaire  di  Talmont,  France.  His patents were not learned but very devout.
  The pastor of the local church was interested in Dorie and recommended that he go to the seminary in 1852. In October of 1860 he moved on to a major seminary in Lucon. After a devout life and studies in the seminary, Dorie entered the seminary of the Paris Foreign Mission Society on June 14, 1862. His pastor and his parents strongly opposed his plan to be a foreign missionary but nobody could discourage him from his earnest desire to work for souls in a foreign land.
  After ordination to the priesthood on May 31, 1864, Father Dorie was assigned to work in Korea, and was very happy to go together with his best friend, Father De Bretenieres.
  Father Dorie left Marseilles with three other missionaries, Fathers De Bretenieres, Beaulieu and Huin. After a stormy voyage, they finally arrived in Korea on May 27, 1865. His ministry in Korea, however, was much shorter than expected.
  Father Dorie was studying the Korean language and working at Sonkokni (near Yong-in in Kyonggi Province). Shortly after he heard that Bishop Berneux was arrested, Father Dorie was also arrested on February 27, 1866. He joined Bishop Berneux and the other missionaries in the Seoul prison. Father Dorie, like other courageous missionaries, endured many severe tortures. They were taken to Saenamt'o for execution. An eye witness said that Father Dorie's praying attitude was really angelic. Father Dorie was the last of the missionaries to be beheaded on March 7, 1866. He was 27 years old.

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