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 103 Korean Martyr Saints


Saint Yi Mae-im Theresa (1788~1839)


Saint Yi Mae-im Theresa


    Yi Mae-im Theresa was an aunt of the martyrs Yi Chong-hui Barbara and Yi Yong-hui Magdalene. Theresa and three other pious women gave themselves up to the government authorities. Theresa was beheaded outside the Small West Gate on July 20, 1839, with seven other Catholics. She was 52 years old at the time.

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Notice Stories of the Lives of the 103 Korean Martyr Saints 319699
13 김효임 골룸바 Columba Kim Hyo-im 60383
12 남경문 베드로 Petrus Nam Kyong-mun 61233
11 손선지 베드로 Petrus Son Son-ji 61535
10 유진길 아우구스티노 Auguestinus Yu Chin-gil 61618
9 모방 베드로 Petrus Maubant 63150
8 조윤호 요셉 Ioseph Cho Yun-ho 64109
7 유정률 베드로 Petrus Yu Chong-nyul 64193
6 이호영 베드로 Petrus Yi Ho-yong 64235
5 정원지 베드로 Petrus Chong Won-ji 65369
4 유대철 베드로 Petrus Yu Tae-chol 69292
3 이명서 베드로 Petrus Yi Myong-so 73083
2 조화서 베드로 Petrus Cho Hwa-so 76951
1 오매뜨르 베드로 Petrus Aumaître 78091

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