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Bishop Rene Dupont, M.E.P., D.D.

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  Mosr Rev. Rene Dupont, M.E.P., D.D.


Rene Dupont, M.E.P., D.D., Emeritus Bishop of Andong  


Name: Rene Dupont, M.E.P.
Status: Emeritus Bishop of Andong
Date of birth: September. 2, 1929
Place of birth: Oreleans, France
Address:  194, Haengjuoe-dong, Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi,


Educational Course

Jun. 1949   Graduated in Philosophy from Major Seminary in Oreleans
Jun. 1951   Graduated in Theology from Major Seminary of Paris Foreign Missions Society, France
Jun. 1954   Graduated in sacred theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University
Biographical History

1950   Entered Paris Foreign Missions Society
Jun. 29, 1953   Ordained to the Priesthood
Dec. 1954   Arrived in Korea
Dec. 19, 1954 - May 1955 Regional Superior of Paris Foreign Missions Society in Korea
May 1955 - May 1965  Parochial Vicar of Daeheung-dong Parish of Daejeon
Sep. 1967 - Jun. 1969  Regional Superior of Paris Foreign Missions Society in Korea
May 1965 - Aug. 1967  Chancellor of the Diocese of Daejeon
May 29, 1969   Elected as Bishop of Andong
Jul. 25, 1969   Consecrated as Bishop
Oct. 1970 - Nov. 1984  President of the Committee for the Doctrine and the Faith of the CBCK
Oct. 1981 - Nov. 1984  President of the Episcopal Commission for Pastoral

                                  (Later Episcopal Commission for Laity)
Jun. 7, 1982   Awarded Medal of Napoleon, France
Nov. 1984 - 1990   Member of the Episcopal Commission for Mission and Pastoral Care
Oct. 1985 - 1990   Member of the Episcopal Commission for Doctrine
Nov. 1987 - 1990   President of the Committee for the Doctrine and the Faith of the CBCK
Oct. 6, 1990   Resigned as Bishop of Andong


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