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John KIM Sontae, S.T.D., D.D. Bishop of Jeonju 


1961.09.15 Born in Yeosan-myeon, Jeonbuk
1980-1983 Bachelor in Theology, Catholic University of Gwanju
1987-1989 Master in Theology, Catholic University of Gwangju
1989.1.20 ordained to the Priesthood
1989-1990 Parochial Vicar of Jeon-dong Parish of Jeonju
1990-1991 Parochial Vicar Dunyul-dong Parish of Jeonju
1991-1997 Studied at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.(Licentiate and doctorate in fundamental theology)
1997-2001 Vicar director of the diocesan Catechetic Institute
2001-2003 Director of the diocesan Catechetic Institute
2003-2005 Pastor of SolnaeParish of Jeonju
2006-2009 director of the diocesan Catechetic Institute
2009-2013 Pastor of Hwasan Parish of Jeonju
2013-2016 Pastor of Yunjy-dong Parish of Jeonju
2016-2017 Pastor of Samcheon-dong Parish of Jeonju
2017.3.14Elected as Bishop of the Jeonju
2017.5.13Consecrated as Bishop, Took possession of the See of Jeonju
2017.10.19-present President of the Committee for Commemoration of Martyrs & Pastoral Care of Pilgrimages of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea (CBCK)
2017.10.19-present Member of the Episcopal Commission for Mission &pastoral Care of the CBCK
List of Articles
No. Subject Viewssort
82 Bishop PIUS Moon Chang-Woo, D.D. 19837
81 Bishop JOB Koo Yo Bi, D.D. 19912
» Bishop John KIM Sontae, S.T.D., D.D. 21978
79 Bishop John Bosco CHANG Shin-ho, S.T.D., D.D. 22453
78 Bishop Constantine Bae Ki-Hyen, D.D. 22600
77 Bishop Breher 22946
76 Bishop Devred 23990
75 Bishop John Choi, D.D. 23995
74 Bishop Saur Bonofatius 23999
73 Bishop William OShea, M.M., D.D. 23999
72 Bishop Irenaeus Hayasaka, D.D. 24000
71 Bishop Jean M. Blanc, M.E.P., D.D. 24020
70 Archbishop Peter Han, D.D. 24411
69 Bishop James V Pardy, M.M., D.D. 24565
68 Bishop Peter Hwang, D.D. 24754

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