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  윤공희 빅토리노 대주교  Most Rev. Victorinus Youn, S.T.D., D.D.


Victorinus Youn, S.T.D., D.D., Emeritus Archbishop of Gwangju  


Name: Victorinus YOUN Kong-hi
Status: Emeritus Archbishop of Gwangju
Date of birth: November 8, 1924
Place of birth: Jinnampo, Hwanghae
Address: 170, Namseok-ri, Nampyeong-eup, Naju-si, Jeonnam, 520-842


Educational Course

Mar. 1946  Completed the course of Philosophy at Tokwon Seminary
May 1949   Completed the course of Sacred Theology at Tokwon Seminary (The seminary was forced to close.)
Mar. 1950   Graduated from Songsin College in Seoul (Major Seminary)
Jun. 1957    Held a licentiate from the Pontifical Urbanian University
Apr. 1960    Held a Doctorate in sacred theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University
Apr. 1985    Held a Honorary Doctor of Literature from Sogang University, Korea


Biographical History

Mar. 20, 1950   Ordained to the Priesthood
Apr. 1950   Parochial Vicar of Myeong-dong Cathedral of Seoul
Jan. 1951   Chaplain of U.N. Concentration Camp in Busan
Jun. 1952   Vice-Director of Catholic Library in Busan
Apr. 1954   Secretary to the Catholic Conference of Korea
Oct. 1954   Taught at Songsin Middle & High School in Seoul (Minor Seminary)
May 1960   Secretary to the Catholic Conference of Korea
Oct. 7, 1963   Elected as Bishop of Suwon
Oct. 20, 1963   Consecrated as Bishop
Mar. 1967   Held also the office of the Apostolic Administrator of Seoul
Apr. 1967 - Oct. 1970  President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea
Oct. 1970 - Mar. 1975  Vice President of the CBCK
Oct. 25, 1973   Transferred and Promoted to the Archbishop of Gwangju
Dec. 6, 1973 - Dec. 31, 2000 Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Gwangju Catholic University
Mar. 1975-Mar. 1981   President of the CBCK
Mar. 1975 - Mar. 1988  President of the Committee for Justice & Peace of the CBCK
Nov. 1980   Chairman of the Episcopal Commission for Bicentennial Celebration
May 1981 - Nov. 1987  Vice President of the CBCK
Oct. 1981 - Nov. 2000  Member of the Episcopal Commission for Clergy and Religious
Oct. 1981 - Nov. 1987  Member of the Episcopal Commission for Social Affairs
Nov. 1987 - Oct. 1999  Member of the Permanent Council of the CBCK
Nov. 1987 - Oct. 1996  Chairman of the Episcopal Commission for Clergy and Religious
Nov. 30, 2000   Resigned as Archbishop of Gwangju


List of Articles
No. Subject Viewssort
82 Bishop Francis Xavier Yu Soo-il, O.F.M., D.D. 42817
81 Bishop Simon OK Hyun-jin, S.T.D., D.D. 41889
80 Bishop Joseph Son Sam-seok, S.T.D., D.D. 37951
79 Bishop Linus LEE Seong-hyo, S.T.D., D.D. 35144
78 Bishop John Baptist Jung Shin-chul, S.T.D., D.D. 34909
77 Bishop Basil Cho Kyu-man, S.T.D., D.D. 34564
76 Archbishop Thaddeus Cho Hwan-kil, D.D. 32527
75 Bishop Timothy Yu Gyoung-chon, S.T.D., D.D. 31266
74 Bishop Peter KANG U-il, D.D. 30737
73 Bishop Benedictus SON Hee-song, S.T.D., D.D. 30253
» Archbishop Victorinus Youn Kong-hi, S.T.D., D.D. 30246
71 Bishop Peter Chung Soon-Taick, O.C.D., D.D. 29589
70 Bishop Paul Kim Ok-kyun, D.D. 28878
69 Bishop Paul Hwang Chul-soo, D.D. 28553
68 Cardinal Andrew YEOM Soo-jung, D.D. 28405

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