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John KIM Son-Tae, S.T.D., D.D. Bishop of Jeonju


Name: John Kim Son-Tae

Status: Bishop of Jeonju

Date of birth: September. 15, 1961

Rev. Fr. John Kim Son-Tae was born on 15 September 1961 in Yeosan-myeon, diocese of Jeonju.

He studied philosophy and theology in the major seminary of Gwangju, where he also obtained a Master’s degree in the years 1988 to 1989. He was ordained a priest on 20 January 1989 in the diocese of Jeonju.

After priestly ordination he continued his studies and held the following offices: vicar of the parish of Jeon-dong (1989-1990) and of the parish of Dunyul-dong (1992-1997); studies for the licentiate and doctorate in fundamental theology from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland (1997-2003); director of the diocesan Catechetic Institute (2003-2006); priest of the Solnae parish (2006-2009); pastor of the Hwasan parish (2009-2013); pastor of the Yunjy-dong parish; pastor of the Samcheon-dong parish (since 2016).〈Holy See Press Office, 2017.3.14.〉

List of Articles
No. Subject Viewssort
80 Bishop Francis Xavier Yu Soo-il, O.F.M., D.D. 29146
79 Bishop Simon OK Hyun-jin, S.T.D., D.D. 29053
78 Bishop Joseph Son Sam-seok, S.T.D., D.D. 25395
77 Bishop Linus LEE Seong-hyo, S.T.D., D.D. 22611
76 Bishop John Baptist Jung Shin-chul, S.T.D., D.D. 22454
75 Bishop Basil Cho Kyu-man, S.T.D., D.D. 20462
74 Archbishop Thaddeus Cho Hwan-kil, D.D. 19844
73 Bishop Timothy Yu Gyoung-chon, S.T.D., D.D. 19287
72 Archbishop Victorinus Youn Kong-hi, S.T.D., D.D. 19118
71 Bishop Paul Kim Ok-kyun, D.D. 18589
70 Bishop Peter KANG U-il, D.D. 17251
69 Cardinal Andrew YEOM Soo-jung, D.D. 17085
68 Bishop Lazzaro You Heung-sik, S.T.D.,D.D. 16502
67 Bishop Peter Chung Soon-Taick, O.C.D., D.D. 16490
66 Bishop Lucas Kim Woon-hoe, D.D. 16352

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