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Seminar for Evaluating “A Project for a New Life”


The Pro-Life Activities under the CBCK Committee for Bioethics (President: Most Rev. Linus Lee Seong-hyo) urged that all the dioceses promote actively “A Project for a New Life.”


The Committee held a seminar on April 14, 2015 at the auditorium of the Catholic Conference of Korea in order to evaluate the on-going project and share its management plans, aims and visions.


Holding the National Congress for Life in 2010, the Committee planed the project, which is a kind of pro-life movement to offer education on life for youth and to support single mothers.


At the seminar, the participants agreed upon the need to build a better infrastructure for educating youth to respect life and formating volunteer workers. In regard to self-reliance and child-rearing by single mothers, they specifically discussed the plans to promote cooperation inside and outside the Church.


However, it was also mentioned that there are still difficulties in carrying out education on life at school. In addition, there should be a system for those who guide youth at school or at Sunday school and pastoral workers to keep fostering their awareness of life.


Bishop Lee said, “The movements playing a key role in the Project for a New Life are not just a small step.” He also asked that all the dioceses and parishes strive for the pro-life movement in their respective situations.


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