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Communication on April 27, 2007

2009.08.27 11:05


Message for World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2007


The Most Rev. Vincent Ri Pyung-ho, Bishop of Jeonju and President of the CBCK Committee for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerants, issued a message on the occasion of the 93rd World Day of Migrants and Refugees on April 29, 2007.


In his message Bishop Ri said, "The wide and rapid spreading phenomenon of migration is one of the elements which let us be aware of the fact that the world changes swiftly." And he indicated the statistical data which show the fact that there are about one million migrants and almost 160,000 multi-cultural families in Korea at the moment.


Bishop Ri pointed out the poor preparation of the government for the matter of migration. And he also took a few examples of migration work of western countries, especially the good deeds of the Most Rev. Giovanni Battista Scalabrini (1839-1905) who was Bishop of Piacenza in Italy and the founder of the 'Congregazione dei Missionari per gli emigrati italiani' (Congregation of the Missionary for the Italian Migrants) in 1887, and 'Congregazione delle Suore Missionarie di Santo Carlo Borromeo per gli emigranti' (Congregation of the Missionay Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo for the Migrants) in 1895, which was officially approved by the Holy See in 1908. He was later beatified and became the patron for immigrants.


Bishop Ri urged the Catholics in Korea to be a good example in welcoming the migrants both who are already in Korea and who are coming to Korea en masse nowadays.


At the conclusion, Bishop Ri expressed his hope that "the will of Our Lord, who 'made both one and broke down the dividing wall of enmity' (Eph 2:14), could be realized more concretely with our concerns and efforts, especially at this time when the border loses its meaning gradually and the people of the world become one family with a common destiny in a small boat which is called the Earth in the vast ocean of the universe."


Thanksgiving Mass for the Most Rev. Paul Ri Moun-hi, Emeritus Archbishop of Daegu


A thanksgiving Mass for the Most Rev. Paul Ri Moun-hi, retired Archbishop of Daegu, was celebrated at the St. Kim Tae-gon Memorial Hall in Namsandong, Daegu on April 24, 2007.


Along with H.E. Stephen Cardinal Kim Sou-hwan, emeritus Arbishop of Seoul, the Most Rev. John Chang Yik, President of the CBCK and the Bishop of Chunchon, the Most Rev. Andreas Choi Chang-mou, Archbishop of Kwangju, in all about 400 guests bade him a heartfelt farewell.


In his homily, H.E. Cardinal Kim said, "Archbishop Ri has served the Church with all his efforts and manifested the Glory of God." And he added, "With this good shepherd, the gift of God, the Archdiocese of Daegu could be evangelized more fruitfully and has become a good example of the World Church."


Archbishop Ri said, "I truly thank God for He allowed me to have the joy of serving Him as the Archbishop of Daegu." And he added, "I regret that I could not fully live a life following the example of Christ, and would like to ask pardon of you all for my mistakes."


The Most Rev. Ri has served as the Auxiliary Bishop of Daegu for 14 years and then Archbishop of Daegu for 21 years. He was ordained a priest in 1966, and became the youngest Bishop of Korea in 1972, at his age of 37. He will spend the rest of his life in editing and publishing many archdiocesan materials of Daegu.

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