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Message for the 14th Farmers' Sunday

2009.07.24 12:05


* Message for the 14th Farmers' Sunday


The Most Rev. Boniface Choi Ki-san, President of the Committee for Justice and Peace of the CBCK, issued a message for the 14th Farmers' Sunday on July 19, 2009.


In the message entitled "The more a value of life is shared, the more it becomes enriched", Bishop Choi emphasized that facing to the difficult situation of the rural community due to increasing import of U.S. rice and the Korea-Chile Free Trade Agreement, the only way to transform the rural area in difficulties into a place of hope is to share the value of life between urban and rural areas through direct sales of agricultural products.


Bishop Choi also remarked that hope is found in the farmers who practice the bio farming through an organic circuit eco-farm. Then he underlined that direct mutual exchange through sisterhood relationships between rural communities and urban parish communities should be all the more extended to strengthen the foundation of agricultural products of life.


"Rural communities and urban parish communities," Bishop Choi said, "should have not merely an economic relationship between producers and consumers, but a relationship of sharing a value of life."

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