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The 5th Catholic Ecological Award

2010.10.07 16:38


* The 5th Catholic Ecological Award


The Subcommittee for Environment under the CBCK Committee for Justice & Peace held a ceremony for the 5th Catholic Ecological Award at the auditorium of the CBCK on October 1, 2010.


'The Catholic Alliance against the Four Major Rivers Project' received the Grand Prix. 'The Our Agricultural Life Community' of the Ilsan parish of Uijeongbu Diocese was awarded the Special Prize.


The Most Rev. Matthias Ri Iong-hoon, President of the Committee, said, "I hope that the awardees will be agents for the protection of life conforming to the Lord's teaching."

No. Subject Date Views
754 Plenary Indulgence for Pilgrims Visiting Some Churches Dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary 2009.08.14 15373
753 Messages for the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2009.08.14 15325
752 A Joint Statement on the Construction Plan of Gondola Lifts in National Parks 2015.11.16 15183
751 National Common Educational Materials for Marriage Preparation 2015.11.16 15022
750 The 21th Korean-Japanese Bishops’ Exchange Meeting 2016.01.29 14950
749 The 25th Catholic Mass Communications Awards Ceremony 2016.01.29 14726
748 Statement Against the Legislation of a Law on So-Called 'Dignified Death' Recognized as an Euthanasia 2009.08.27 14650
747 A Special Seminar on the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy 2015.11.16 14478
746 Prohibition of the Sacrament of Matrimony for the Migrant Women in Disguised Marriage 2010.11.22 14304
745 On-Sight Exposure for Bishops in 2015 2015.11.16 14204
744 The First Joint Retreat of Catholics and Protestants 2010.08.31 13968
743 A Documentary Film on the Life of a Korean Missionary Priest is a Good Box Office 2010.11.01 13922
742 Statement on the Occasion of the First Memorial Day of the Sewol Ferry Disaster 2015.05.04 13915
741 Message for the 96th World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2010 2010.04.16 13852
740 Decree of the Bishop of Suwon on the Private Revelation of Theresa Hwang of Sangju Date 2008-10-17 2009.08.27 13790
739 The Catholic Pastoral Institute of Korea, Holding a Seminar of ‘Jubilee of Mercy’ 2015.12.01 13616
738 2014 Pastoral Letters of Diocesan Bishops 2014.02.06 13576
737 Forum on the Cooperation of the Government and the Church with the Management of the Social Welfare Facilities 2010.11.01 13535
736 The 19th Korean-Japanese Bishops' Colloquium 2014.02.06 13175
735 Guidebook for the SCCs in Korea published 2014.03.28 13128


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