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Communications on Dec. 4, 2000

2009.08.24 10:37


* Korean Bishops Issue Pastoral Letters for the year 2001

All the diocesan Bishops in Korea issued the 2001 pastoral letters on December 3rd, the first Sunday of Advent and mapped out pastoral orientation for the year 2001.
The diocesan Bishops presented the mission, inner conversion and social evangelization as key pastoral orientation for the year 2001 and stressed on activation of small community, re-education of the faithful, practice of evangelical poverty in everyday life and option for the poor and marginalized people in the society.
As it was during the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 the Church in Korea is expected to activate mission work in 2001 aimed to increase the number of the Catholics by promoting the mission zeal among the faithful.
The Archdiocese of Seoul where the synod is being prepared and the diocese of Inchon where the synod is closed stressed on the need of prayer for successful synod while the dioceses that have concluded their synod focused on follow-up works and their realization.
The Most Rev. Paul Ri, Archbishop of Taegu, in his pastoral letter, focused on creating prayerful, autonomous and organic parish communities while the diocese of Inch'on asked the faithful to commit themselves fully to the mission work, re-evangelization of the faithful and social evangelization in accordance with its synod resolution. Other dioceses of Cheongju and Cheju stressed on the importance of family that is foundation of the Church and society while the diocese of Chonju put its emphasis on strengthening of biblical apostolate, and diocese of Andong on environmental issues and activation of farm apostolate.

* Catholic Association of Rehabilitation of Alcoholics Launched

National solidarity of organizations for alcoholics was officially launched by opening a new horizon for pastoral care for alcoholics as well as rehabilitation for them.
On November 25, at the Myongdong Catholic Center, Seoul, the Catholic Association of Rehabilitation of Alcoholics was formed by 15 groups related to alcoholic problem across the country.
Participants to the founding meeting elected Mr. Joseph Sonwoo Kyong-shik, a medical doctor, to the president and Rev. John Choi Pu-shik to the spiritual director. The Association is expected to give a new vigor and strength to the related organizations and to create a new model of pastoral care for problems created by alcoholism in many sectors of human life such as family problems, sexual violence and problem of children etc.
"We will try to increase within and out of the Church the concern and understanding about the problem involved in alcoholism in the light of the Gospel." Rev. John Choi said in his address.
"With the foundation of the Association a new opportunity and new horizon will be given to the development and expansion of the rehabilitation programs for alcoholics. The Church has to promote concrete development of rehabilitation programs for alcoholics and help their family and friends to understand the issue," Dr. Joseph Sonwoo.
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