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Communication on Oct. 24

2009.08.25 10:49


* Korean Bishops Pay Tribute to Pope for 25 Years of Service for Humanity

On October 16, Korean bishops concelebrated Mass for the 25th year of pontificate of the Pope John Paul II at the Myeongdong Cathedral of Seoul with some 800 attendants including diplomats, laity, religious and priests and they thanked God for his service for humanity.

Most Rev. Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk, Archbishop of Seoul, said in his homily, that Pope John Paul II has proclaimed the gospel of life while he visited over 130 countries, and people in the world could meet him".

Archbishop Cheong reminded many great achievements of the Pope during his 25-year of pontificate and said, "He made definitive contribution to put an end to the Cold War era and Marxism."

Most Rev. Giovanni Battista Morandini, Apostolic Nuncio to Korea, asked the participants to pray to God to grant the Pope all necessary graces so that he could continue to offer to the Church and the world many good gifts.
On October 17, the Apostolic Nunciatur in Korea celebrated the silver jubilee of the Pontificate of the Pope John Paul Ⅱ at the extension Hall of the Myeongdong Cathedral inviting some 300 people of society including laity, religous, priests, diplomats and political and religion leaders.

* A Joint Pastoral Letter on Family to be Prepared

The Bishops of Korea decided at the 2003 Autumn General Assembly of the CBCK held from October 13 to 17 at the CBCK's Grand Hall in Seoul to prepare a joint pastoral letter on family until the 2004 Autumn General Assembly of the CBCK in relation to the FABC's 8th Plenary Assembly which will take place in August in Korea.

The Bishops's decision is expected to be a good opportunity to reaffirm the role of the Church in Korean society now experiencing unprecedented family collapse and to give an impetus to the family movements within the Church.

The necessary preparation was entrusted to the Committee for Family Pastoral Ministry.

The Assembly decided to prepare "Norms on the Pastoral Ministry and Life of Priests" as it was requested by the Congregation for Clergy and take concrete decision on next Permanent Council's meeting of the CBCK after having collected opinions of clergy, religious and laity of the country.

The Assembly decided to change the existing "Caritas Sunday"(last Sunday of January) to "Foreign Aid Sunday" to in order to promote appropriate information and strengthen awareness of the faithful on the foreign aid.

Most Rev. Peter Lee Ki-heon and Most Rev. Lazarus You Heung-sik were elected for the Korean bishop-delegate to the 8th Plenary Assembly of the FABC.  


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