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Guideines for the Presentation and Maintenance of

Cultural Heritage of the Catholic Church in Korea Published



The CBCK Committee for Culture (President: Most Rev. Peter Lee Ki-heon) published Guidelines for the Presentation and Maintenance of Cultural Heritage of the Catholic Church in Korea on November 29, 2009.


The Committee has prepared these Guidelines since 2005, in accordance with the advice of the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church to promote important initiatives at the Bishops’ Conference level for the conservation, protection and promotion of the Church's cultural heritage. The Guidelines were also required to meet an urgent and growing need to grasp exactly the current state of the Church's cultural heritage and to take care of it systematically.


The Guidelines for Presentation and Maintenance of Cultural Heritage of the Catholic Church in Korea was approved by the CBCK Permanent Council on September 7, 2009, before being published


It is demanded for each diocese to establish its own basic principles and criteria for preserving and caring for the Church's cultural heritage in accordance with the Guidelines. The Guidelines forbid to alter or transmit the Church's cultural heritage without an approval of the Church, to restore it unscientifically and repair it without verification. They also regulate to consult with an appropriate specialized organization for the cultural heritage management and to name a person in charge of it. An appendix containing a list of architectures, art works, remains and art collections of museums is to be attached to the Guidelines for the use on the spot.


The Guidelines also regulate to designate the Cultural Assets Registered by the Catholic Church, like Government-designated Cultural Assets and National Registered Cultural Assets, in order to evaluate and judge the historical, artistical, scientifical and scarce value of the Church's cultural properties older than fifty years for the selection and registration by each diocese.


Among the cultural assets of the Catholic Church in Korea, thirty five ones belong to the Government-designated Cultural Assets and most of them are old church buildings, such as Myeongdong Cathedral, Yakhyeon Church, Pungsuwon Church and Kongseri Church. Other twenty ones are categorized under National Registered Cultural Assets.


Bishop Peter Lee Ki-heon, President of the CBCK Committee for Culture, pointed out, "Through the research on the actual condition of the Church's cultural heritage, it was revealed that much attention has not been given to the management and preservation of our precious cultural heritage of the Church." He emphasized its importance as precious heritage of our ancestors of faith and at the same time of the whole humanity, urging the faithful to cherish our Church's architectures, works of art and remains.



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