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The CBCK Committee for Social Communications, a Seminar on “Family and Media.”


The CBCK Committee for Social Communications (President: Most Rev. Timothy Yu Gyoung Chon) conducted a seminar on “Family and Media” on Friday, May 29, at the Myeong-Dong Catholic Center.


In the seminar, Prof. Hahm In-Hee, a professor at Ewha Womans University, said that we can often observe family crises in our society. She urged more education, improved awareness, and a change in the community.


She also said that today the high school girls do not think about marriage and childbirth and this causes a small rate of birth. She mentioned that parents need to make their children not only realize the importance of life from an early age but also to enjoy a happy life that will lead to an increase in the rate of childbirth.


She continued that children do not regard their grandparents as their family members any longer. She said that the sound role of parents and the solution of the aged can overcome family crises.


Prof. Kim Seong-Hee at Yeoju University gave a presentation on "Communication within the Family.” She said that communication between spouses and between parents and children contributed to the intimacy of family, self-esteem, and the level of satisfaction with family life, which can be the source of a sound family life.


Ms. Cheong Seok-Hee, a pop culture commentator, gave a presentation on “The Family Reflected in Soap Operas.” Pointing out that today it is hard to find proper adult role models in soap operas on TV, she argued that there should be good examples on TV dramas for the young to realize the importance of the family.


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