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Workshop on the New Evangelization

2009.08.27 12:00


The Committee for Evangelization of the CBCK held a workshop on the new evangelization at the 2nd conference room of the CCK on May 22, 2009. Prof. Roh Kil-myong, Department of Sociology, Korea University, presented his paper entitled "The Change of the Korean Religious Sentiment and 'New Evangelization'."


In his paper, Prof. Roh said, "The trend of post-modernism gives rise to a new change in religious sentiment and culture. …… Such a trend becomes a threat to the traditional religion and causes the spread of so-called 'invisible religion' as the new spiritual movement. …… The Christianism should answer the challenge. The most appropriate answer is to read clearly the 'sign of the times' and to examine the hitherto pastoral methods. …… Facing the post-modernism, which is a menace to the traditional faith and the Church, the Church can be faithful to her given mission of evangelization, when she clearly grasps the trends of the age and tries to actively meet the challenge." In conclusion Prof. Roh said, "The Church must play a leading role in the world, instead of a passive passenger dragged by the trend of the world."


In this year, the Committee is going to hold one more workshop and a public symposium on the theme of 'new evangelization'.


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