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The 4th Catholic Ecological Award

2009.10.09 12:28


The Subcommittee for Environment under the Committee for Justice & Peace of the CBCK held a ceremony for the 4th Catholic Ecological Award at the auditorium of the CBCK on October 7, 2009.


Sujeong Trappistine Monastery (The Citercian Order of the Strict of Observance) in Masan, Korea, received the Grand Prix. The trappist nuns together with local residents show a good example of the Church towards ecological peace, by protecting and conserving the environment from the provincial project to establish a dockyard in Sujeong-ri, Masan, according to purely economic logics.


The Yangeob High School in the Diocese of Cheongju was awarded the Special Prize. The teachers and students had conducted a campaign against the proposed development of Seok mountain which in reality will lead to environment destruction. Thus they contributed to getting the proposal withdrawn. In addition, Yangeob High School has been a good example of eco-friendly school for alternative education.


The Most Rev. Boniface Choi Ki-san, President of the Committee, congratulated the prize awardees, saying "I wish that this ceremony becomes an opportunity to encourage the Trappistine Monastery in their struggle against the environment destruction and to remind the faithful of the importance of preserving the order of creation."


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