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Communications on July. 13, 2001

2009.08.24 11:04


◎ * Warning about Genetically Engineered Crops

On the occasion of the Fourth Farmers Sunday, July 15, Most Rev. Gabriel Chang, President of the Committee "Caritas Coreana", issued a statement and pointed out dangers of genetically engineered farm products.
The Bishop urged the government to make efforts to solve the problems related to farmers such as chronical debts of farmers; imports of farm products and its impact to Korean farmers; improvement of marketing structure of agricultural products etc.
The Bishop emphasized important role of the Save-Our-Farm Movement aimed at promoting cooperation between urban people and farmers.
And also he warned, "Genetically engineered farm products that are soaring despite controversary may cause serious results such as destroying agricultural foundation of the under-developed countries and complete dependence of eating habit as well as deformation or extermination of species. In whole, it will call danger and disaster in harmonious order of life."
He urged the government to pursue the development of long-term agricultural policy than seeking for immediate interests and asked to protect people's life by reviving the agriculture and promoting production of harmless farm production and creating right marketing structure.”
He invited Catholics to show more interest and concern for conservation of creation order.

◎ >* Number of Priests of Seoul Archdiocese Exceeds 700
On July 5, the feast day of St. Andrew Kim Tae-gon, the first Korean priests, 24 new priests were ordained to priesthood by the Most Rev. Nicholas Cheong, Archbishop of Seoul, at Jamshil Olympic Gymnasium, Seoul.
With the newly ordained priests the number of priests who are incarnated in Seoul Archdiocese reached to 710 from 686 in 2000.
The ordination Mass was concelebrated by Most Rev. Nicholas Cheong, Archbishop of Seoul, H.E. Cardinal Kim and Most. Rev. Giovanni Batista Morandini, Apostolic Nuncio in Seoul, Most Rev. Paul O. Kim, Most Rev. Peter Kang and 300 priests of the presbyterate of Seoul Archdiocese with 5000 attendants.

◎ >* * Secretary of the CBCK Asked Not to Use Title of 'Archbishop' to E. Millingo

On July 3, the Secretary General of the CBCK, made an official request to all press companies not to use the title of Archbishop to Emmanuel Millingo who took part in the public marriage rite of the Moon sect and married a Korean woman on May 27 in New York.
The press release of the CBCK, pointed out that concerning the celibate life of the Catholic priests Emmanuel Millingo gave a different opinion from the Catholic teaching in a press conference held in Lotte Hotel in Seoul.


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