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Communications on Mar. 2 , 2001

2009.08.24 10:48


◎Seoul Archdiocese to Launch Lenten Campaign of Organ Donation

The One Heart-One Body Movement of Seoul Archdiocese and the Pyonghwa Shinmun(Weekly) launched a joint campaign of organ donation as 2001 Lenten campaign.
According to the report of the national administration center of organ transplantation as of the end of 2000; 3120 people need kidney, 620 people need liver, and 119 people need heart etc., over 7000 are waiting for organ transplantation.
The Korean government legalized brain death in order to promote the organ transplantation, however, organ donation rate has decreased.
In contrast to this, Seoul Archdiocese began to launch organ donation campaign in 1989 as follow-up implementation of the World Eucharistic Congress in Seoul and 13,000 people registered to donate organs after their death. Thanks to the Catholic organ donors 130 people found new life by transplantation of kidney, heart, liver and pancreas; over 1400 people received new eyesight by corneal transplantation.
Thanks to the interest in the Movement of clergy of Seoul Archdiocese and the diocese of Suwon, the average number of organ donors increased by 5000 a year and from 1998 it reached to 1000. Last year, alone over 2800 Catholics registered for organ donation.
The One Heart-One Body Movement printed posters and brochures and distributed to each parish to promote the campaign.

◎18,688 Military Men Baptized During Great Jubilee 2000

The number of the Military men who were baptized in the Catholic Church during the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 totaled to 18,688 with 22.8% increase compared to 8200 in 1999.
The remarkable progress of evangelization of Military men is interpreted as a result of the mission efforts that the Most Rev. Peter Lee Ki-heon has placed as top priority two years ago since he became the military ordinariate.
The military ordinariate made "Mission and Renewal" for this year's slogan and decided to strengthen on the mission. The sponsors' association for Military men increased 50% of annual budget which comes to 1,396,000,000 Korean Won and decided to focus on evangelization of Military men in education.

◎ Third Inter-Korean Family Reunions Held

Separated family members from the two Korea met their kin on the other side five times for a total of nine and a half hours during the third inter-Korean family reunions held in Seoul and Pyongyang from Feb. 26 to 28.
After sharing much of the day together with their kin, the 100 separated family members from South and North Korea returned their home on Feb. 28.
Among the North Korean visitors to the South found some figures whose family members are Catholics: Chong Ku-in(68), son of the late famous lyric poet Chong Ji-yong(Francis), Kim Su-jo, director of a North Korean art troupe and Chong Du-myong.
Chong Ku-in met his brothers, Chong Ku-gwan(73, Benedict) and Chong Ku-won(67, Benedicta).
"You left home saying 'I'm going to find father', but you came only now," said Ku-gwan to his northern brother Ku-in with tearful face.
"Our father is the most famous national poet along with Kim So-wol in North Korea. Thanks to father's reputation, I'm treated well in North Korea," Ku-in said.
Three children of Chong Ji-yong regreted their mother(Francesca)'s dying in 1971 without knowing whether her husband and her son Ku-in have lived or not.
"Even in Our Dreams,'' ``We cannot forget,'' they cited one of their father's most beloved poems.
The late lyric poet Chong Ji-yong was very devoted Catholic writer but he was disapperead in 1950 during the Korean War leaving doubts he went to North Korea. Some years ago, the South Korean government reinstated him as SK citizen and honored him as one of the most famous Korean poets.
Kim Su-jo(70), director of a North Korean art troupe, met his cousins and nephew Kim Pokkyom(53, Antonio) and niece Kim Pyong-son(52, Rosa) from Shinsadong Parish in Seoul.
``Pokkyom, Pyong-son, Chongsook, Chongson, and Mihyang, I spent sleepless night thinking about you,'' said the 69-year-old artist, hugging them one by one.
``You are the very image of your father. You two are like two peas,'' Kim said to his 38-year-old niece Mihyang whose father, Kim's youngest brother, already died in the South.
Showing her a picture of himself posing with North Korean leader Kim Jong- il which he took right after an international student festival in Pyongyang and as well as a North Korean ``hero's'' medal, he said, ``Aren't you proud of your uncle?''
Currently, Kim is the director of the Pibada (blood sea) opera troupe and recognized as a national artist in the communist country.
In particular, Kim was widely recognized by the outside world when he organized an opera performance in Pyongyang that the former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright saw during her unprecedented visit there last October.
This is his first visit to the South since he joined the communist nation's army in the 1950-53 Korean War.
Chong Du-myong(69). met her mother Kim In-soon(91, Maria) from Yoido Parish in Seoul. The second son of Grandmo Maria was escorted by North Korean army during the Korean War. All family members of Du-myong are very devoted Catholics living in Seoul and Los Angeles, the U.S.A.
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