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Communications on May 31, 2001

2009.08.24 11:00


◎ Archbishop of Kwangju Reconfirms Church's Position Concerning So-Called ' Naju Julia's Affair'

On May 24, the Most Rev. Andrew Choi Chang-mou, Archbishop of Kwangju, issued a memorandum with title of "As we close the month of St. Mary" and reconfirmed the declaration of his predecessor Archbishop Victorinus Youn concerning so-called Naju Julia's Affaires that treat the phenomena which happened to Julia Youn of Naju and her statue of the Blessed Mother and the messages which she claims to receive. He asked all clergy, religious and lay faithful to accept it in the spirit of obedience to the magisterium
In the Memorandum, the Archbishop Andrew Choi said that the declaration of his predecessor Archbishop Victorinus Youn regarding the issue was from his deep pastoral concern and for the sake of the good of the Church and authentic faith life of the faithful, and made an official prohibition to publish and spread out any of communication materials related to what is happening in Naju such as printed matters, periodicals, leaflets, books; production of video or cassette tapes; prayer meetings, visiting, propaganda etc, and control to read related materials.
The Archbishop asked his faithful to obey to the magisterium saying that the recommendation of the former Archbishop of Kwangju to stop all events that are taking place to commemorate the day of St. Mary's weeping (bloody), to stop publicizing the so-called Message of Mary of Naju as a private revelation, and to stop celebration of Mass, liturgy and sacraments is still in effect.
The Archbishop Choi made an official prohibition of holding community prayer meeting held on Thursday of each week and the first Saturday of month, and asked people around Julia to return to their ordinary life and live their faith life.
He asked also all priests and religious - except the pastor of Naju - to take distance from being Julia's guardians.

On Jan. 1st, 1998, the Most Rev. Victorinus Youn, then the Archbishop of Kwangju, has declared that the so-called "miracles" attributed to the Blessed Mother in Naju city have no evidence that they are supernatural and thus from God." He warned also that considering the alleged events in Naju as supernatural is regarded as "an act of destroying the unity of the faith of the Church". With regard to his declaration the Archbishop clarified that it is as an authentic teacher of the faith and legitimate shepherd that I wished to give priests, consecrated people and laity in the archdiocese "an authoritative interpretation regarding the reported phenomena and messages associated with Julia Youn of Naju and her statue of St. Mary.“

◎ Science, a Way to God" -- Says Cardinal Kim

His Eminence Stephen Cardinal Kim who became the permanent representative of the Science Book Start Movement (SBSM) said in a press interview held on May 17 that the science on inquiry of the principle of universe is ultimately a way to approach to God.
Regarding his position of the permanent representative of the SBSM the Cardinal said: "Indeed, as a believer, I worried if my involvement in science movement wouldn't cause any trouble to the goal of the Movement. However, I accepted the position because I'm convinced that helping the unprivileged children in remote places and islands by sending them science books is a meaningful work."
To the question about the relation between the science and religion the Cardinal pointed out the common point of religion and science by saying that "the goal of the science is not only for material progress or to make human life more comfortable but also it promotes the spiritual quality of human life as a whole. Finally the science on inquiry of the principle of universe is a way to approach to God".
"I want to dedicate myself to promoting the goal of the SBSM, and once it is well settled, we will take care of children in North Korea." the Cardinal said.

The SBSM is a movement initiated by Korean scientists aimed at assisting the elementary school children in remote and unprivileged places by sending science books, and by creating one to one relationship to awaken interest in science and develop their dream to become a scientist in the future.
Accordingly, Cardinal Kim accepted the position of the permanent representative by kind request of the Minister of Science and Technology, Kim Young-hwan.
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