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The 8th Catholic Ecological Awards

2013.11.04 17:00


  The Subcommittee for Environment under the CBCK Committee for Justice & Peace (President: Most Rev. Matthias Ri Iong-hun) held a ceremony for the 8th Catholic Ecological Award at the auditorium of the CCK on October 8, 2013.


The Grand Prix was awarded to the “Investigation Committee on the Affairs of the Four Rivers Project.” The Subcommittee for Environment said that the Investigation Committee played a great role in uncovering the irregularity of the Four Major Rivers Project. It also has made a contribution to the preservation of the divine order of creation through the publication of the results of its scientific research for restoration of the environment.


The Special Prize was given to “Bakmun Kindergarten” in the Incheon Doicese and “Gomnaedeul Co-Op” in the Daegu Archdiocese. The Bakmun Kindergarten has actively carried out education on ecology and environment. It has given ‘Special Lectures for Ecology’ in cooperation with parents in order to arouse public awareness for the preservation of the divine order of creation.


The Gomnaedeul Co-Op has grown up as a grass-roots movement. Regarded as the first ecological community in the Catholic Church in Korea, it was established by the initiative of women who cherish ecological values. It runs the ‘Green School’ in cooperation with the Daegu archdiocesan committee for justice and peace of Daegu. It has also been actively engaged in social issues including nuclear power generation and high-tension electric power transmission towers.




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