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2013 Word Concert

2013.11.18 17:05


* 2013 Word Concert


The CBCK Committee for Evangelization held a 2013 Word Concert in Bangbae-dong Parish of Seoul on November 11, 2013. The Concert with the theme I have come to set the earth on fire (Lk12,49) was organized as a new form of Bible seminar in company with classical music performances.

The Committee prepared this Word Concert as one of ecclesiastical efforts to seek new ardor, new expression and new methods for evangelization. The panel discussions consisted of three parts: Part I. New Ardor: Has my love been oriented to God all the time? - Conversion, Part II. New Expression: For me, who is Jesus Christ? What does eternal life mean to me?, and Part III. New Methods: How do I follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ and proclaim Him in my life?.

The panelists, Rev. Francis Kang Sin-mo (Director of Mission Ministry Department in the Diocese of Uijeongbu), Sr. Emma Min Nam-hyeon (Daughters of St. Paul), and Mr. Peter Park Jong-tae (lay missionary), representing respectively clergy, religious, and the laity, discussed authentic conversion and a proper attitude to the Bible. After the panel discussions the Catholic Soloist Ensemble performed a variety of musical numbers.

In his general review, the Most Rev. Vincent RiPyung-ho, President of the Committee, said that music has a power to enable us to internalize the words which we listened to with our ears and to strengthen our hope. He continued, May Gods words which are spirit, life and light, lead us all the time.


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