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Seminar on the New Evangelization

2013.11.18 17:06


* Seminar on the New Evangelization


The Catholic Pastoral Institute of Korea (Director: Most Rev. Peter Kang U-il) held the 4th Seminar on the New Evangelization at the auditorium of the Catholic Conference of Korea in Seoul on November 8, 2013. The theme of the seminar was Active participation in Sunday liturgy: what shall we do? Rev. Pius Shin Ho-cheol (Professor of Busan Catholic University) made a presentation entitled Principles and Suggestions for Active participation in Sunday liturgy. Then Rev. Timothy Yun Jong-sik (Professor of the Catholic University of Korea), Sr. Son Jeong-myeong (Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd), and Mr. Kim Mun-tae (Professor of the Catholic University of Korea) participated in a panel discussion.

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