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Statement on School Violence Prevention [KCRP]


The Korean Conference of Religion and Peace (KCRP, President: Most Rev. Hyginus Kim Hee-joong, Archbishop of Gwangju) issued a statement on school violence prevention at its general assembly held at the Korean Christian Center, Seoul, on February 23, 2012. The statement urged all people in religious circles to take the lead in school violence prevention.

The statement said, “The problem of youth violence has already jumped over the school fence and has become a matter for the whole of society to worry about together. The whole of society is now terrified at school violence, such as bullying and juvenile delinquency, driving some students into an extreme decision, i.e. suicide.”

It continued, “We as religious people in this country cannot help feeling embarrassed at seeing that schools as privileged places for education have been severly suffering as such. …… These situations manifest that a tendency to devalue human life prevails throughout our society, due to a lack of human formation to respect all persons and all human life.”

In this statement, the seven major religions in Korea gave assurance that they would make efforts to peacefully resolve youth problems and to arouse people’s attention to school violence prevention.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea (Minister: Mr. Choe Kwang-shik) also held ‘a meeting of the persons in charge of human formation for the youth in seven major religions in Korea’ on February 24, 2012, to seek ways to animate and support ‘human formation programs for the youth’ promoted by the seven major religions.


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