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The Bible With Annotations Published

2010.12.30 10:09


The Bible with Annotations Published


On December 25, 2010, the CBCK Biblical Committee (President: Rt. Rev. Abbot Simon Petro Ri Hyong-u, O.S.B.) published The Bible with Annotations after receiving approval of the bishops at the 2010 Autumn General Assembly of the CBCK. It was in preparation for 5 years following the publication of the new Korean Bible in 2005 and includes abundant introductions, annotations and references in the margins to help people achieve more easily a proper understanding of the Bible.


Because it is very difficult to understand the Bible properly just by reading the text, the words of God are interpreted more clearly through the sacred tradition and the magisterium of the Church rather than personal thoughts.


Based on La Traduction Oecuménique de la Bible (in French) which takes into consideration the traditions of the Oriental churches and Protestant churches, the introductions and annotations included in The Bible with Annotations have a balance and objectivity recognized by almost all Christians.


The Bible with Annotations will be helpful not only for homily and catechesis but also for study by all the faithful to enrich their faith.


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