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Communication on November 12

2009.08.25 14:09


* "Beautiful Family, Beautiful World" Movement Emphasized on the Laity Sunday

On the occasion of the 37th Laity Sunday on November 14, 2004, the Lay Apostolate Council of Korea (President: Mr. John Bosco Son Byeong-du, Spiritual Director: Rev. Francis Cheong Wol-gi) distributed to parishes a material for homily and asked the lay faithful to positively participate in the "Beautiful Family, Beautiful World" Movement to build the culture of life.

The material, titled "Let's Make the Family and Society Beautiful!", stressed the importance of lay apostolate, saying that "we the laity have the duty to bear witness to the Lord and proclaim the Gospel according to our own 'talent' at the very front line of evangelization."

It continued that, "In our time, we have many challenges to overcome, including anti-Christian culture, the culture of death and the negative aspects of post-modern religious pluralism," and urged the faithful to face these challenges courageously by reliving the spirit of martyrdom of our ancestors of faith.

The Council also said that, "When the family is beautiful and healthy, our society also becomes beautiful." and asked the laity to "make the family the school of love," calling on them for prayer and practice for the sanctification of the family and the culture of life.

* Korean Foreign Mission Society Takes the First Step for the Mission to Africa

The Korean Foreign Mission Society (Superior General: Rev. Augustine Kim Myong-dong) takes its first step to Africa since its establishment 29 years ago.

On November 3, 2004, the Korean Foreign Mission Society offered Mass at Myongdong Cathedral of Seoul to send three missionary priests to Mozambique, the sixth country of its missionary place, following Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, China, Russia and Cambodia.

The missionaries depart on November 24 and will take a one-year language training course in Portugal and work for the evangelization of the natives in the Diocese of Lichinga (area: 129,362 square kilometers; Catholics: approximately 200,000, diocesan priests: 10 or so; foreign religious priests: 20 or so).

Receiving the letter of appointment and missionary cross at the sending ceremony, the missionaries made commitment to proclaim the Gospel to Mozambique in the name of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church in Korea. Fellow priests also blessed them.

The Superior General Father Kim said that "The missionary place of the Korean Foreign Mission Society and of all Christians covers all over the world, from the place of sunrise to the place of sunset," and asked prayer and concern for the missionary priests whose mission never seems easy.


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