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Communication on September 2, 2005

2009.08.27 10:28


*  Preparation For The Message on Human Rights Sunday

The Committee for Justice & Peace of Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea(CBCK) held a special meeting and discussed about the plan for the second half of the year, especially for the Human Rights Sunday, on Aug. 29, 2005 at Youth Education Center(Daechoul Building) of Daejeon Diocese.

The Most Rev. Boniface Choi Ki-san, the president of the Committee for Justice & Peace of CBCK, and 11 participants decided that the Message on Human Rights Sunday, to be issued on Dec. 4, 2005, would present the Church's standpoint about the recent controversial issues of golf course construction plan nearby the Mirinae, a Catholic pilgrimage site, abolition of the National Security Law, economic problems and renewal of the moral ethos.

In addition to that, the committee decided to ask the bishops' cooperation for a signature-collecting campaign for the legislation of the Special Bill for the Abolition of Capital Punishment at the 2005 Autumn Plenary Assembly of CBCK.

And it was decided that the Korean version of Compendium for Social Doctrine would be published between October and November 2005, after the publishing of  new version of the Bible.

* A Standardization Must Come Before The Development Of The Integral Yangeup System

All Diocesan Chancellors in Korea gathered together to talk about the development of the Integral Yangeup System, a digitalization project of the administrative affairs of the Church in Korea, on Aug. 23, 2005 at the Conference Hall of the CBCK.

The participants were of the same opinion that the standardization must  precede the development of the Integral Yangeup System, since there still remain difficulties with the information sharing because of the different pastoral system among the dioceses.

And the participants also agreed that there must be a special expert committee to handle the matter of standardization of terminology and administrative system. They plan to propose this idea to the CBCK after further through discussion.

* 71% Of 'Catizens' Think The Attack On Catholic Church In The Internet Is Serious

According to the second poll in August, "Catholic poll - Asking the Catizen," after the first one in July, 2005, 'catizens' think that the attack on the Catholic Church in the Internet is not individual but systematic and organized one.

Some 'catizens' even think that there is a need for legal measure against such defamations of the Catholic Church. Though it seems to be a far cry, there is a consensus for a special institution to tackle such problems. And the 'catizens' think that they must come together systematically and be organized to round up the culprits.

Concretely, catizens propose a so-called "Special Task Force Organization" on the level of CBCK or Diocese, so that experts could conceive countermeasures and more systematic counterattack.

The second propose is to promote the cyber Catholic laity communities. even before the proliferation of WWW, there were many on-line catholic laity communities and some of them were very popular with more than 3,000 members. But with no pastoral help or interest from the Church, they are getting lost now.  


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