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All Diocesan Bishops issued Christmas Messages celebrating the nativity of Child Jesus on December 25, 2008.


The bishops gave in one voice emphasis upon the fact that we should find the power to overcome the current crisis in our society, aggravated by the financial crisis of the world, with the 'love', which our Lord Jesus Christ taught us personally. Especially, the diocesan bishops asked the faithful to have more concern for the poor neighbours around us all the more, even when we ourselves are in trouble.


In his message entitled "God is with us", His Eminence Nicholas Cardinal Cheong Jinsuk, Archbishop of Seoul, said, "I hope that all members of our society assume new body and spirit on the occasion of the Christmas, …… so that our society becomes a sound place where nobody gives in to egoism and earthly desire, turns his or her face away from the suffering neighbours, and shows contempt or rejection to every single life. …… The world expects the Church as the body of Christ to be the agent of salvation. Therefore, we as Catholics should make ourselves as the 'good news' itself for the poor and those who are in difficulties, following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ."


In his message, the Most Rev. Andreas Choi Chang-mou, Archbishop of Kwangju, said, "In the year 2008 the world was apprehended by the economic crisis. However, I am hopeful that we will overcome this crisis, when the humanity can cope with it in the spirit of community. In this regard, we have to participate in the efforts of the humanity overcoming the crisis, in accordance with the following three practical steps: Firstly, restoring the order of mind. Personal desire causes a disorder, and a disorder destroys human being and his or her neighbours, resulting in the death; Secondly, practicing the justice. Without the justice there is no peace, without the peace there is no hope for the true happiness and development; Thirdly, rehabilitating the order of creation and salvation. This is the way for human being to live his or her life according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, cherishing and protecting the natural law. …… even though we are in a time when the whole world is in the depths of dispair, we have to welcome the Savior, who comes to this world as the light for the humanity, and search for the way to salvation in Him."


In his message, the Most Rev. John Choi Young-soo, Archbishop of Daegu, said, "Jesus helps especially the exhausted and marginalized to their feet. He gives overwhelming 'joy and hope' to those people who seem to have no future. …… Welcoming Jesus, we have to open our mind, so that the overwhelming 'joy and hope' may prevail the world, and then we have to fulfill the holy mission, with which Jesus entrusted us."


The other Diocesan Bishops also issued their messages for Christmas, mostly urging the faithful to practice love especially for the poor and marginalized in the society.


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