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Communication on January 28, 2005

2009.08.25 14:16


* Message Issued for the Overseas Aid Sunday

On the occasion of the Overseas Aid Sunday on January 20, 2005, the Most Rev. Lazzaro You Heung-sik, Coadjutor Bishop of Daejeon and President of the CBCK Committee for "Caritas Coreana," issued a message titled "Give, and It Will Be Given to You."(Lk 6:38) and urged Catholics to join in helping the poor all over the world, saying, "Many people in the world still remain in hunger and poverty."

He said, "If we help the poor and needy in other countries, we will be given even greater rewards from God. It is also the way to become true Christians in image of the Father."

"After the Korean War when we faced adversity, many countries helped us with prayer as well as material aid, thanks to which we could reconstruct the nation from the ruins of war. Now, therefore, we must take more positive actions to help the poor of other countries."

Attributing the unfairness prevailing in our world to human greed unwilling to share, Bishop You said, "The world is producing food enough to feed all the humanity if we practice the life of sharing. Our Father in heaven wishes His children to love and help neighbors."

Reminding of the teaching of the Bible, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."(Acts 20:35), he invited Catholics to live a blessed life by practicing the life of giving.

* Catholic and Protestant Churches Make a Common Commitment to Unity and Collaboration

During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity from January 18 to 25, 2005, Catholic and Protestant theologians issued a statement wishing Christian unity titled "For the Christian Unity in Korea," for the first time since 1965 when the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church in Korea started an ecumenical prayer meeting.

The statement, issued in the name of the CBCK Committee for Promoting Christian Unity & Interreligious Dialogue and the Unity Committee of the National Council of Churches in Korea (Protestant), read, "We appeal each denomination to abandon reckless dogmatism, bias and aspersion and to make efforts to respect each other and live out unity, collaboration, love and communion in leading all people towards salvation."

The two bodies, which have played a leading role in the ecumenical movement in Korea, also said in the statement, "We also hope that all Christians can profess themselves as brothers, overcoming the misconception that the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church and the Protestant Church are different religions."

The statement also stressed, "The entire Church should accept and carry out the will of Jesus, who prayed that 'May they be one, as we are one’ (Jn 17:11)."

* "Caritas Coreana" Staffs Witness the Aid Program in Bangladesh

The CBCK Committee for "Caritas Coreana" made a six-day visit to Bangladesh to examine its aid program underway in Bangladesh, the country on which the Committee concentrated its efforts of overseas aid in 2004.

Seven staffs of the Committee, including the Secretary Rev. Paul Jeremiah Hwang Yong-yeon, looked around the places of constructing houses for poor and fatherless families and welfare and education centers for the handicapped, which is carried out by the Caritas Bangladesh with the support of Caritas Coreana.

Starting to give direct aid to Bangladesh in 2004, the Committee sent 176,000,000 won (US $176,000) in 2004 alone and plans to allot 10 percent of the total overseas aid to Bangladesh in 2005 and 2006, with a view to build 1,050 houses for the poor women and children there. Caritas Bangladesh already built 350 houses in needy areas last year.

Meantime, the delegation met with the Most Rev. Paul Tschang In-nam, Apostolic Nuncio in Bangladesh, and the Most Rev. Theotonius Gomes, Auxiliary Bishop of Dhaka and Secretary General of the Episcopal Conference of Bangladesh, and discussed the matter of exchange and collaboration of the Churches in Korea and in Bangladesh.

Archbishop Tschang said, "With the help of the Church in Korea, we could build three churches, and especially, we are constructing a church which is named after St. Andrew Kim Tae-gon in northwestern area where the number of Catholics is relatively high."

Bishop Gomes said, "On this occasion, we wish to express deep gratitude for the Catholic Church in Korea for her continuous concern and support. I also hope she can lead the work of collaboration and exchange with other churches in Asia, in accordance with her development and growth."


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