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Communication on May 30, 2008

2009.08.27 11:34


* Message for 2008 Day for the Environment


The Most Rev. Boniface Choi Ki-san, President of the CBCK Committee for Justice & Peace and Bishop of Incheon, issued a message for the Day for the Environment entitled "The Transition to an Ecologically Sustainable Society" on June 5, 2008. 


In the message, Bishop Choi appealed people to examine the problems of the Korean society related to the Pan Korea Grand Waterway project, saying "The construction of the grand canal would result in extinction of many animals and plants living in or around rivers, and make the Korean historical and cultural heritages around rivers submerged under water." 


Bishop Choi pointed out that "it is evident that the humanity does not live today in an ecologically sustainable situation." Then he urged to overcome prevailing economism in our society, saying "An ecologically sustainable society consists in the maturity of ecological economics even if the development of social economics is also important." He stressed that we should build a sustainable society as a Christian mission would preserve the order of God's creation. 


In addition, Bishop Choi affirmed that "sustainable development leads people to enjoy benefits of the nature so that they can meet the needs of basic living. However it should be done within the limits of the nature."


* Seminar of the CBCK Committee for Family Pastoral Ministry


The CBCK Committee for Family Pastoral Ministry held a seminar under the theme of 'Religious education within the family, what do we do?' at the auditorium of the Seminary of the Catholic University of Daegu on May 23, 2008.


The seminar, attended by some 300 people, was a place of heated discussion to search for a pastoral response to the phenomenon of gradual familial and social disintegrations.


In this seminar, Mr. Oh Ji-seop, professor of religious studies at Sogang University, made a presentation on the historical consideration of education within the family. Fr. Gregory Roh Gwang-su, director of the Lay Theology Institute in the Archdiocese of Daegu, presented his paper regarding the reality of faith education in the Catholic Church in Korea. Mr. Francis Pak Mun-su, director of Catholic Family Academy, gave a presentation with the theme of revitalization of a family-centered faith education.


In his greetings, the Most Rev. Paul Hwang Cheol-soo, President of the Committee and Bishop of Pusan, said, "Family education in this society has been misunderstood to the extent that it is necessary only for children to learn survival skills. Education fever or preoccupation with formal schooling in Korea is on the highest level in the world. However we have to take it into consideration that this high education fever puts down roots in faith."


In his congratulatory address, the Most Rev. Thaddeus Cho Hwan-kil, Auxiliary Bishop of Daegu, said, "In these days, people seem to put the university entrance examination at the top priority of education. Faith education within the family is urgently needed to indicate the right direction of life to the young generation."


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