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The Committee for Social Communications of the CBCK (President: Most Rev. Thaddeus Cho Hwan-kil) held a ceremony of the 18th Catholic Mass Communications Awards at the Coste Hall of the Myeongdong Cathedral of Seoul on December 2, 2008.


Mr. Kim Tae-gyun, directed the film 'The Crossing, depicting the tragic situation of North Korea, won the Grand Prix. Besides, Mr. Jeong Han, producer and director at Jeonju TV, won the prize of Broadcasting Category for his TV program entitled "Let the dandelion blossom!", special project team of Kyunghyang Daily won the prize of Press Category for the special articles, entitled "The Life of the Half of Koreans - The Age of 8 Million Non-regular Workers," and Mr. Jeon Byeong-seok, President of the Moonye Publishing Co. Ltd, won the prize of Publishing Category.


In his congratulatory remarks, Bishop Cho said, "All the prize-winning works are concerned about the marginalized class of our society. …… I would like to appreciate the agents of the mass media, speaking for the socially weak, and, furthermore, I would like to urge them to continue such activities."


Expressing his gratitude for the prize, Mr. Kim Tae-gyun said, "I myself shed a lot of tears during the filming, as I realized the tragic situation of North Korea. …… I hope the tears of the North Korean brethren be wiped out as soon as possible."


The film "The Crossing" was acclaimed for its realistic depiction of the tragedy of both the North Korean suffering from the severe food shortage and the escapees.


Mr. Jeong Han, who aroused the public attention to the problem of women migrants in Korea with the "Let the dandelion blossom!", said, "I would like to receive this prize in the name of the women migrants." Then he made it clear that he would donate the prize money for the cause of such women.


The Moonye Publishing has earned its fame thanks to its efforts for the promotion of the positive value attitude of the youth in Korea, with the publication of good books.


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