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Guidebook for Catholic Preschool Education

2009.08.27 11:49


The Association of Major Superiors of Women Religious in Korea published a guidebook in two volumes for the preschool teachers to be fit for religious education, as well as for a general preschooling. This guidebook, entitled Catholic Preschool Curriculum 1, 2, is the first one of its kind.


The volume 1 is for the teachers of preschoolers in their age between 5-6, and the volume 2 is for the teachers of children of 6-7 years old. At the moment there are about 320 Catholic kindergartens and nurseries in Korea.


Sr. Rosa Ha In-ja of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres (SPC) coordinated the publishing of the book. In a newspaper interview, she said, "This book is aiming at the realization of the spirit of Catholic education, as well as the essence of preschool education." Then she continued, "This book will be a great help for children to make a proper relationship with nature and develop an integral spirituality."


Besides, the publication ceremony was held at the Education Center of Sister of Notre Dame on January 10, 2009. A thanksgiving Mass presided over by Fr. Joseph Kim Ung-tae, Secretary of the Committee on Education of the CBCK, was celebrated, followed by a celebration party.


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