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The Most Rev. Matthias Ri Iong-hoon, Bishop of Suwon and President of the Committee on Education of the CBCK, issued the Message for the 4th Week for Catholic Education (May 25-31, 2009).


In his message, Bishop Ri said, "Nowadays, we are witnessing the increasing number of families suffering from the social economic difficulties, as well as the worsening gap between the rich and the poor in our society. Besides, it is quite difficult for students to fully develop their potential, as well as to be educated for their happiness and the peace of the world, because of the scholastic achievement-oriented education for college entrance. As a result, not a few students are suffering from depression, emotional instability and ending in juvenile delinquency. Furthermore, they have difficulties in finding their identity, as they cannot find the purpose of life nor adapt themselves to the world." Then he suggested the faithful to do the following:


1. Pray for all students, especially from poor family, to be educated properly.

2. Let the ecclesiastical community actively exert its efforts to help the students from poor family and their family members.

3. give the youth, especially those from poor family, more opportunities for education, encouraging their hope, cultivating their potential and developing and applying programs to train them to be the agents of peace.


In conclusion, Bishop Ri said, "Let us be the Christian who can give the students from poor family dream and hope, practicing the words of Jesus who said, 'whatever you did for the most thirsty and poorest, you did for me' (Cf. Mt 25,40)."


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