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Message for the 15th Day for Life

2009.08.27 12:00


The Most Rev. Gabriel Chang Bong-hun, President of the Committee for Bioethics of the CBCK and Bishop of Cheongju, issued a message for the 15th Day for Life with the theme "We are the protagonists of the culture of life."


In his message, Bishop Chang said, "Most of all, in our situation where the 'culture of death' prevails, we have to recognize the urgency to restore an awareness of God as well as a deep critical sense, capable of discerning true values and authentic needs."


Bishop Chang also said, "We believe in the Lord of life, risen from the dead in glory, therefore we live in a certain hope that the life will prevail in the end. God, who loves life and gives it generously, is on the side of life, and therefore truth, goodness, joy and true progress are on the side of life."


In conclusion, Bishop Chang urged the faithful to be the guardian of life, and to remember that they could be the protagonist of the culture of life.


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