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Communication on October 29

2009.08.25 14:07


* Symposium Participants Emphasize the Need to Intensify Spiritual Programs of the Church

Participants of a symposium on the new spirituality movement stressed the need to strengthen spiritual programs of the Catholic Church and to promote Catholic spirituality among the faithful to cope with the problems involved with the new spirituality movement.

At the symposium, held on October 21, 2004 with the theme "Challenges of the New Spirituality Movement and Pastoral Counter-measures," the Rev. Pius Kwak Seung-ryong, pastoral administrator of the Diocese of Daejeon, said, "In a sense, the new spirituality movement offers an opportunity for the Catholic Church to reflect on herself. We need to promote living experience in the Words and Spirituality."

"At the moment, the Catholic Church in Korea seems not to offer abundant spirituality programs, so we should make concrete efforts to promote Catholic alternatives, such as contemplative prayer of St. Ignatius, centering prayer, visit to the Blessed Sacrament, Taizé prayer and the Rosary," he added.

Dr. Francis Park Mun-su, a researcher of the Pastoral Institute of Korea, also said, "The new spirituality movement became a sign which requires the renewal of the Church. If the Church provides elements which are incomparably abundant in spirituality, the faithful, who are hunger for spiritual experience, will not be tempted by the new spirituality movement."

*  Korean and Foreign Missionaries Observe Mission Sunday Together

On the occasion of the Mission Sunday on October 24, 2004, the Conferences of Major Superiors of Men/Women Religious held an event under the title "Mission Sunday with Missionaries" at Myongdong Cathedral of Seoul.

Korean missionaries having worked or working in various parts of the world, including Africa, Asia and South America, presented their experiences while foreign missionaries who are working in Korea also exchanged their experiences and opinions.

Sr. Justina Hong Eun-hwa, F.M.M., told the participants about the miserable situation in Kenya, where she took care of street children and those dying from AIDS, and called the participants for prayer for them. She said, "What I can do for them is just pray for them; however, they still live with hope in God despite poverty and suffering and it is they who bring me to God."

The Most Rev. René Dupont, Emeritus Bishop of Andong, presided the closing Mass and said that, "Missionaries are the people who have been captured by the true love and true happiness of Jesus Christ. Therefore, they, as the instruments of God, should guide people to true happiness." He particularly urged the youth to "Be open to God and proclaim the Gospel."

* Committee for Women Publishes Guidelines on Domestic Violence

The CBCK Committee for Women (President: Most Rev. Andrew Yeom Soo-jung) published guidelines on domestic violence, titled "Family of Life, Community of Peace," to propose measures against domestic violence and ways to support victims.

Having issued a message on domestic violence jointly with the Committee for Family Pastoral Ministry in last May, the Committee revealed that it published the guidelines for pastors as well as the faithful so that they can grasp the situation of violence in the family and prevent such a tragedy.

The guidelines say, "Hitting family members cannot be excused even if they committed grave fault," and stress, "We should first recognize that domestic violence is not simply family affairs but a crime influencing on entire society." The book also gives some tips for preventing domestic violence: to carefully listen to family members; not to judge but to listen and trust them; not to attempt hurried reconciliation; not to request unconditional obedience and patience; to look after children.

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