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Communication on April 13, 2006

2009.08.27 10:48


Bishops' Easter Messages Call for
Establishing the Culture of Life


 For the 2006 Easter Sunday, each diocesan Bishop issued Easter Message and appealed to the faithful to join in the establishment of the culture of life so that they could be witnesses of the Risen Jesus.     


   Especially, the Bishops expressed, "The Resurrection of Jesus is the climax of the history of salvation which shows us the way toward eternal life" and stressed with one voice, "To make His resurrection the Good News for the world, the faithful should respect life through their lives." 

  His Eminence Nicholas Cardinal Cheong Jinsuk, Archbishop of Seoul and Apostolic Administrator of Pyong-yang, said, " The Sacrament of the Eucharist is a privileged place to encounter the Risen Christ" and remarked, "One way to live out the spirit of the Eucharist in our daily life is to respect life. Therefore, let’s reject positively the unethical acts of destroying life, such as abortion, euthanasia and murder."

  The Most Rev. Andreas Choi Chang-mou, Archbishop of Kwangju, mentioned, " The hopeful life is the privilege of Christians who believe in the Cross and the Resurrection." 

  The Most Rev. Paul Choi Deok-ki, Bishop of Suwon, addressed, "We, Catholics, should be good examples of defending life, by actively participating in the campaign to promote childbirth, adoption movement, and movement to abolish the death penalty.” 

  As this year marks the 160th anniversary of martyrdom of St. Andrew Kim Tae-gon, and the 140th anniversary of 'Byeong-in Persecution', the Most Rev. Lazzaro You Heung-sik, Bishop of Daejeon, stressed, "The Korean Saint Martyrs including St. Andrew Kim Tae-gon could prove their beliefs under the serious persecutions because of their steadfast faith in the Resurrection of Jesus." Besides, they said, "When we live out the faith in the Resurrection of Jesus in our daily life, we are not only able to transform this society, but also to be offered our spiritual salvation."

Commemoration of the Late Pope John Paul II


  The Lay Apostolate Council of Korea commemorated the first anniversary of the late Pope John Paul II’s death with the title, "I Am Happy and You Should Be Happy, Too" to cherish Pope John Paul II with respect and affection, at the Coste Hall in the Myeongdong Cathedral, Seoul , on April 6, 2006. 

   It was proceeded with following programs: a chorus by Trinitas Choral Society; watching audio-visual materials on the life of His Holiness Pope John Paul II; giving a poetry reading "O! Our Unforgettable Holy Father" written by Sr. Claudia Lee Hae-in, OSB; various testimonies and recollections from those who had met the late Holy Father.

  Opening the day, the Most Rev. Andrew Yeom soo-jung, President of the Committee for the Lay Apostolate of the CBCK and Auxiliary Bishop of Seoul , gave an address and exposed the desire for the beatification of the late Pope John II who was the apostle of love and peace.

  In addition, His Eminence Stephen Cardinal Kim Sou-hwan remarked, "The Holy Father was just like a saint who lived his life according to the divine words of the Bible and who loved God and all people with his soul and mind."

  Mr. Thomas Han Hong-soon, President of the Lay Apostolate Council of Korea, made a speech on the subject of 'Roman Pontiff and the Catholic Church in Korea. He stressed the deep concern of the late Holy Father toward the Church and people in North Korea and invited all the Korean faithful to make efforts for mission to Asian peoples, in accordance with the exhortation of the late Holy Father.


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