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Communications on Nov. 24, 2000

2009.08.24 10:37


* Three Religions United in 'One Heart' of Love and Mercy

Catholics, Protestants and Buddhists got together for a day of 'love and mercy'.
On Nov. 11, Rev. Raymond Lee Jong-nam, Pastor of Suyu-1 dong of Seoul Archdiocese, Rev. Park Seung-hwa from Presbyterian Song-am Church and Ven. Songkwang from Hwa-gyae Buddhist Temple of Chogye Order held a joint charity bazaar at Hanshin Protestant Theological Graduate School, Seoul, to help children who suffer from incurable diseases.
Some 300 volunteers from the three religions served various Korean foods and sold items they prepared for three months.
With intention to respect Protestant tradition the Catholic participants have self-controlled cigarettes and wine, and the Protestants and Catholics greeted their Buddhist counterparts with joined hands.
"Doing charity work with friends of other religions is truly a great experience to me, and this seems to take off all my prejudices I had for other religions," said Song Do-sook, a Catholic volunteer.
"Harmony and peace between religious people have come first before we do charity work for others. In this sense, we want this bazaar to be a first step toward it," Rev. Raymond Lee said in his opening address.
"Ultimately, all religions have the same goal and same intention, so we have to work together to do good to our neighbors," the Presbyterian Minister Park said.
"As many religious people live in conflicts and antagonism, this bazaar has a special meaning. I hope this bazaar will be a first step for harmony and reconciliation between different religions," Ven. Songhwang from Hwa-gyae Temple.
All profits were donated for 21 children with incurable disease in Kangbuk, Seoul.

* Korean Catholic Law Makers Signed the Introduction for Anti-Abortion Petition to the National Assembly

After the monthly Mass at the National Assembly building in Seoul on Nov. 20, some Catholic Law Makers signed the introduction for anti-abortion petition to abolish the Article 14 of the Mother and Child Health Law which allows abortion under special circumstances. The Article 14 has been misused and abused by many doctors and women.
Rep. Park Gwan-yong, the Moderator of the Catholic Law Makers' Meeting, said that "the Article 14 of the Mother and Child Health Law has to be abolished because it hinders life which is a precious gift of God," and added that "I will recommend other members of the Congress to sign the introduction of the petition." Rev. Song Yol-sup, Executive Scretary of the Committee for Canonical affairs of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea, leading the campaign to abolish the Article 14 of the Mother and Child Health Law, said that "the sacredness of human life is inviolable, however, in Korea, over 4,000 unborn children are killed a day by abortion. In order to eradicate such inhuman conduct, the Article 14 of the Mother and Child Health Law must be abolished."
Among the 9 law makers who signed the introduction of the petition, there were Rep. Kim Deok-gyu from the ruling party, Rep. Choi Byeong-ryeol from the opposition party, Rep. Yun Gyeong-sik who is a Protestant. and Rep. Jeon Jae-heui who is the only woman law maker to sign the paper.

* Reconciliation Rosary Made

The Committee for the Reconciliation of Korean People of the CBCK made new Reconciliation Rosary and started to spread it to the whole country.
Design of the new Rosary with Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the Sacred Heart of Jesus expresses wishes of Korean people for national reconciliation and peaceful reunification.
Last October, the Committee for the Reconciliation of Korean People of the CBCK has launched Rosary prayer movement for the reunification of Korean people. All profits will be used for the reunification work.

* Korean Women Religious Pledge Protection of the Weak

The Korean Catholic Association of Major Superiors of Women Religious(KCAMSWR) held its general assembly at Aaron Retreat House in Uiwangshi, Kyonggi-do and elected Sister Michaela Park of the Charity Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament to the 14th president on Nov. 10.
"Following steps of Jesus who gave example of humility by washing the feet of his disciples, the women religious will try to serve and support the humble people of our society. Especially from the 1970's, the Church in Korea marched together with suffering people in our society. Each congregation has its own charisma, but, we the women religious are one in working for the Kingdom of God, helping the poor and suffering people, promoting social justice and human rights," the new president said.
Sr. Suzuki Keiko, president of the Japanese Catholic Association of Major Superiors of Women Religious, participated to the meeting.
The participants to the 14th general assembly of the KCAMSWR pledged to take a positive part in solidarity with other civic movements to campaign to protect environment and to abolish the National Security Law. They decided to continue Friday fast for North Koreans in hunger and to focus on education to promote national reunification and women's status within the Church.
"We definitely oppose the Saemankum reclamation project of the government because such project destroys the ecology and we think that the National Security Law should be abolished because it is a serious obstacle for reunification work." they said.
The participants, divided in ten groups, visited various significant places with problems like Maehyang-ri U.S. bombing range, Nogunri village and urban poor's neighborhoods etc.
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