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Communications on Oct. 19, 2001

2009.08.24 11:52


* We Pray for Peace and Reconciliation of Humanity

The Bishops of Korea issued the following statement concerning the recent tragic terrorist attacks in New York and Washington and the retaliation of the U.S.A. at the end of the 2001 Autumn General Assembly held from Oct. 15 to 18.
We, Bishops of Korea, have expressed heartfelt condolence over the tragic terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on September 11 which claimed thousands of precious lives. All kinds of terrorism sacrificing lives of innocent people has to be condemned. Desire to realize one's political intention and ambition at the cost of human lives is a brutal crime against the universal value of the humanity.
We are also deeply concerned about the retaliatory attack of the U.S.A. against Afghanistan that seems to expand with international support. Violence begets another violence. We cannot establish peace by violence. Thus, we cannot tolerate the brutality and violence of the terrorism under any circumstances and reasons. Violence and retaliation of the war and terrorism will only destroy the human society. We have to make efforts so that the genuine peace of humanity can be stabilized through reconciliation and forgiveness rather than retaliation and punishment.
We wish that the international communities would show positive concern for protection of thousands of Afghanistan refugees. Our government's participation to the U.S.A.-led operation to punish the terrorists should be done in the perspective of humanitarian assistance to refugees. We want to share sufferings of victims and their family of this tragic terrorist attack and those refugees who had to leave their homeland because of the retaliatory attacks and other many innocent victims. We wish to see a day that all humanity lives in peaceful coexistence liberated from hatred and hostility.
In union with His Holiness Pope John Paul II we, the Christian Faithful, pray the merciful God Father for true peace and reconciliation of all the people. At the same time we implore all the people of good will pursuing the way of justice and peace to have perseverance and persistence.
Let us make efforts with all the people who believe in the Only One God to promote the civilization of love in the world in forgiveness and reconciliation.

October 18, 2001
Catholic Bishops Conference of Korea

* Catholics and Buddhists Join Hands to Help Needy People

Interreligious efforts to help local people was brought into attention of Masan citizens.
On Oct. 13, Catholics of the Hogye parish (Rev. Jeong Hyeon-tae) and the Buddhist believers of Gwangsan Temple(Ven. Wongwan) and Jabijeong Temple(Ven. Jinhong) held a joint charity bazaar, "First Beautiful Encounter to Help Needy Neighbors" at Sampungdae forest in Masan.
"Love and mercy come first before any theories and the most beautiful thing of our bazaar is our meeting, itself. So, let's help needy people together beyond differences of our religions." Ven. Wongwan of Gwangsan Temple said.
"I'm sure that our friendly cooperation to help needy people will give people a good impression." Rev. Jeong Hyeon-tae of Hogye parish expressed his intention to continue the bazaar.
Besides, the Hogye parish organized diverse events to celebrate its 10th anniversary of foundation and invited Ven. Wongwan of Gwangsan Temple to a lecture with the theme of "Religious People in Harmony".

* Love for People, the Highest Virtue of a Leader

His Eminence Stephen Cardinal Kim stressed love and service for people as important elements of a leader by giving an example of Christ who sacrificed his life for people.
Cardinal Kim made these remarks at a special lecture meeting which was held on the occasion of the foundation of Yonsei Leadership Center of Yonsei University, with the theme of "Role of the Religion and the Leader".
By referring to many workers and underprivileged citizens he met during the period of the military regime in the 1970's and the 1980's, he said that they did not want a leader who dominated but one who respected their dignity and treated them as human beings.
"Confucius taught his disciples that 'In' was the most important virtue of a leader. And this 'In' means 'love'. From the Confucian point of view a leader is the one who cultivates oneself continually and treats people not with power but with love and respect." he said.
"If the leaders of every domain of our society, especially those political leaders, come to have love and respect for people, our society would be changed greatly." he said.
Finally, the Cardinal asked the students to become leaders who really care for people and serve people.
Some 300 students and faculty members of Yonsei University participated in the lecture meeting.
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