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A survey revealed that the number of Catholic teenagers who want to attend Sunday Mass with their parents is four times higher than that of those who do not.


The survey entitled "Basic Research for Pastoral Care for the Youth and Family" was conducted by the Salesian Don Bosco Institute for Youth Spiritual Pastoral Research (Director: Rev. Marcellino Baek Gwang-hyeon) on 2,796 Catholic teenagers of 117 parishes in 13 dioceses, who all participated in 2009 Salesian Camp from July 25 to August 15, 2009. It aimed at verifying influence of faith life of parents on their teenage children and therefore indicating the necessity of the youth ministry on the basis of the family.


Regarding a questionnaire about Sunday Mass attending, it is revealed that 91% of total respondents regularly attend Sunday Mass. Among them, 46.1% replied that they faithfully attend every Sunday Mass, and 35.3% replied that they try to attend it except unavoidable circumstances. Only 9.3% replied that they unwillingly attend Sunday Mass.


Particularly, the survey shows that 93.5% of the respondents whose parents are both Catholics regularly attend Sunday Mass. Therefore, it is evident that there is a close correlation between children's Sunday Mass attending and their parents' faith life. 


According to the survey, the Catholic teenagers showed a positive attitude to going to Mass every Sunday with their parents: 42.4% of the respondents were favorable for it and only 10.9% were unfavorable. Particularly, 64.2% of those who want to attend Sunday Mass with their parents have Catholic parents. It indicates that parents are children's first and foremost teacher of faith life.


Fr. Marcellino Baek Gwang-hyeon, Director of the Institute, said, "The survey result is helpful to promote the youth ministry centered on the family." This survey has a significance to numerically manifest the important role of the family for the youth ministry.

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