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  In his special contribution to July issue of the Kyeong Hyang Magazine, "Christian Reflection on the Nuclear Power", the Most Rev. Peter Kang U-il, President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea (CBCK), pointed out that it is time to re-establish the fundamental policy for the nuclear power.


He said that we should recognize our responsibility to preserve and hand over our land to future generations in order that they might continue to make fruitful cultivation in this land (Cf. Caritas in Veritate n.48).


He stressed, with the question "Is nuclear power really safe?", that everybody should, out of the thought to leave the problem only to the experts and follow their opinions, pay close attention to the nuclear power plant which could lead to grave disaster to threaten human right to live, for example, as seen in the terrible accident at Fukushima nuclear power complex in Japan.


He also emphasized that storing nuclear waste underground arouse the pollution of subterranean water, and it is also vulnerable to earthquakes, and once the leakage of radioactivity from nuclear power plant occurred, the recovery costs would be undoubtedly much more than the present economic benefits of using the nuclear facilities.


In conclusion, he reaffirmed that "the environment is a gift of the Creator for everyone. Thus it is a vocation of all human beings to protect and preserve it intactly" and the time has come to reexamine with deliberation the nuclear power and seek alternative measures.

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