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Message for the 25th Caritas Sunday

2009.08.27 11:48


The Most Rev. Francis Xavier Ahn Myeong-ok, President of the Committee for "Caritas Coreana" of the CBCK, issued the Message for the 25th Caritas Sunday on December 14, 2008.


In his message, entitled "The love of Christ impels us," Bishop Ahn, first of all, made a rhetorical question to all the faithful: "Who are our neighbours?" Then he proceeded to ponder upon the ways of finding them and sharing the love of God with them.


Bishop Ahn especially described the situation of the poor neighbours of our times, including migrant workers, multicultural families, and Saeteomin (North Korean escapees settled in South Korea). Then he continued to talk about the duty of the faithful as a Christian to help our neighbours, saying "All who need our help, and whom we can help are our neighbours." Then he asserted, "The love for neighbours is a way leading to the encounter with God. If we avert our eyes from our neighbours, we cannot see God as well. Essentially, love means to share what we have with others, and love is nurtured by love. As love stems from God and makes us united with God, God is love, as well as love is God."


In regard to the duty of the Church, Bishop Ahn said, "All activities of the Church are the expression of love. The aim of all her pastoral activities is also the practice and diffusion of love. Therefore, love means service and sacrifice of the Church with incessant answer to the need and pain of the people, including the material needs. In this regard, the love for neighbours, based on the love of God, is the duty of the Church." Then he concluded, "In the end, our sharing of love is possible through the love of Christ, encouraged by the love of Christ, and completed by the love of Christ."


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