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Communication on March 12, 2004

2009.08.25 13:38


* Compendious Instruction of Roman Missal Published

On March 5, 2004, the Committee for Liturgy of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea published the Compendious Instruction of Roman Missal by summarizing fundamental and essential elements of the General Instruction of Roman Missal.

This Instruction is expected to be used as an easy and convenient guide for a proper celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of Mass until the publication of Korean translation of the revised Roman Missal, which was published by the Congregation for the Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments in 2002.

* Cooperative, Specialized Ministry of Priests in Myongdong Cathedral

Myongdong Cathedral of Seoul introduces a new strategy of ministry for effective pastoral care of the faithful and to build a community of fraternity.

The "Cooperative Ministry and Specialized Ministry" indicates that the six priests in the Cathedral take care of their specialized area in ordinary times, including the fields of the youth and education, but cooperate and dialogue with each other when the need arises.

In fact the Cathedral launched specialized ministry last year to play the role of a supra-parochial church. In conducting their particular ministry, however, the priests came to feel the need of a complementary instrument and decided to start cooperative ministry as well.

This will contribute to collaboration and dialogue among priests and religious in the Cathedral so that they can effectively deal with the vast scope of pastoral ministry, a source of the Cathedral said.

The Rev. Thomas Lee Seong-man, pastor of the Cathedral, said, "The cooperative and specialized ministry can be compared to the activities of the Trinity. In other words, as God is One, yet having three persons of Father, Son and Holy Spirit who have distinct functions, we will fulfill our ministry with cooperation and specialization," and added, "We will also try to build a community of fraternity with respectful and open attitude."


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