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Communication on July 30

2009.08.25 13:58


* The Blind Catholics in Incheon Have Diocesan Bulletin in Braille

The blind Catholics in Incheon can read their diocesan bulletin in braille with the effort of the Catholic Association for the Blind of the Diocese of Incheon (President: Mr. Park Myong-jo, Spiritual Director: Rev. Justinus Yun Seung-il).

Since June 2004, the Association has published and distributed every Sunday the diocesan bulletin in braille for the blind faithful so that they can share the information and other stories carried on them. It is the first time for a diocese to regularly publish diocesan bulletin in braille with the same contents as printed bulletin. In other dioceses, bulletin in braille were just occasionally published in abridged version.

The Rev. Justinus Yun Seung-il said that, "It is a reality that the access to catechesis or spiritual programs offered by parishes is very limitedly avaliable for the blind," and added that, "We are going to help the blind enrich their Christian life by publishing various materials in braille and offering educational courses in reading books in braille."

* Committee for Women Emphasizes the Need to Promote Formation of Women Leaders

The CBCK Committee for Women (President: Most Rev. Andrew Yeom Soo-jung, Executive Chairperson: Sr. Clare Lee Young-ja) under the Committee for the Lay Apostolate made public the Survey Report on the Awareness of Pastoral Ministry for Women in the Catholic Church in Korea, which implied that women are very dedicated to apostolate but remain marginalized in the decision-making process in the Church. It also underlined the importance of formation program for women leaders.

The survey was conducted nationwide from May to July 2004 among some 1,000 priests, religious and lay leaders with the aim of setting up pastoral vision and making necessary policies in the field of pastoral ministry for women in the Church. The result became public during the 2004 training session of the Committee for Women from July 26 to 27 at Yakhyeon Retreat House.

According to the report, what is needed to animate pastoral ministry for women in the Catholic Church in Korea includes: development of formation program for women; equality movement to eliminate sex discrimination in the Church and in society; expansion of participation of women in decision-making process; improvement of general awareness toward the equality of the sexes.

Respondents answered that the process of decision-making in parishes, development of leadership and improvement of status of women are the areas most subjected to sex discrimination. On the contrary, they saw that the liturgical life, the activities in associations or parochial events are the areas where consideration is proportionally given to the roles of women. They also suggested that structures exclusively in charge of pastoral ministry for women be established on parochial or diocesan level.

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