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Communication on October 8

2009.08.25 14:06


*  Diocese of Uijongbu Makes Its First Step

The newly-erected Diocese of Uijongbu made its first step towards the image of the "Church Coming Close to People" and set out the project of "Open Pastoral Ministry."

Holding the first council of diocesan priests September 21-24 at Uijongbu Hanmaeum Training Centre, the priests saw the possibility of the open pastoral ministry through new models of ministry and exchanged opinions to realize this goal.

Reaching consensus on the importance of harmony and unity of priests, the priests resolved to make efforts to establish a stable structure of the diocese. They also proposed the concept of "Ministry of Banquet," which implies to guide and help the faithful to participate in the Church life joyfully so that they can find joy and hope therein. Among others, the priests could confirm the vision of hope, confidence and trust among themselves through the council of diocesan priests.

Based on the results of the council, the diocese arranged the structure of the diocesan curia as 2 vicars, 3 departments, 3 offices, 3 sections and 23 divisions: vicar general and judicial vicar; secretarial department, pastoral department and managerial department; planning office, office for the clergy, office for communication and information; adult pastoral section, youth pastoral section and social ministry section; 23 divisions including division for vocation. To establish the pastoral institute of Uijongbu as an independent body reveals the strong will of the diocese to positively face and cope with new pastoral realities. The diocese also plans to divide its area into five pastoral districts.

At the closing Mass, the Most Rev. Joseph Lee Han-taek, Bishop of Uijongbu, said to priests, "I was really moved by the unity and enthusiasm you showed during this council," and asked them to struggle for the diocesan development, following the example of Moses who led the people of Israel in desert for 40 years in grace, the faith and hope. He also added, "Every apostolate should be decided and carried out centering on the faithful."

*  "Rev. James Zhou Wen-mo Parish" Established in China with the Help of the Diocese of Masan

A parish named after a Chinese missionary priest martyred in Korea in the persecution during the Joseon Dynasty was established in China with the help of the Diocese of Masan.

On September 18, the dedication of the "Rev. Zhou Wen-mo" parish took place in Liaoning, China, with the Bishop of Shenyang presiding. Sixteen Korean delegates participated in the dedication ceremony, including the Most Rev. Michael Pak Jeong-il, Emeritus Bishop of Masan, and the Revs. Mark Jeong Yeong-gyu and Joseph Lee Han-gi, pastors in the diocese of Masan.

The construction of the church, located in Yingkou City, started in 2001 but was suspended for two years due to the lack of fund. Thus, the Diocese of Masan, hearing this news from a lay missionary who was baptized in Masan and working in Yingkou, started fund-raising to give help to the construction of the church.

During the dedication ceremony, the Bishop of Shenyang expressed gratitude to the faithful in Masan for the constant concern and material and spiritual help and noted, "The Diocese of Masan, though small in size, has made this miracle possible despite difficulties." The Rev. Joseph Lee, who took the lead in fund-raising in Korea, also thanked all the faithful in Masan for their generous help and asked more concern and support for overseas missionary work.

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