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Communications on Feb. 2, 2001

2009.08.24 10:45


◎ Korean Catholics Regret Demolition of Jinjahyang church in China

Jinjahyang church in Shanghai where Saint Andrew Kim Tae-gon, the first Korean priest, was ordained a priest in 1845, is told to be demolished by March of this year.
The sad news came from Rev. Kim Kwang-woon who is serving the Korean Catholic community there.
"The Shanghai authority was in dilemma as to whether they have to keep the old church or not, but, finally, it seems to me that they have decided to remove it for their city planning," Rev. Kim said to Catholic Times(Korean Catholic Weekly).
Podong district where Jinjahyang church is located is designated as special district for city redevelopment. In fact, all the other old houses and buildings were removed and replaced by new 20-30 story buildings. Jinjahyang church was the only one still remained.
"We knew the city planning some years ago. We tried what we can to keep the church as it is. But, we had no enough power. The best way to conserve it was to remodel it in harmonious way with surrounding environment," Rev. Kim regretted.
Msgr. Benedict Kim, former director of Korean Catholics community in Beijing, said that it could be removed to other place.
In this regard, Rev. Kim expressed hope by saying "Shanghai city may provide some land to build a church. If it is so, we can plan to rebuild it with memorial room."
Jinjahyang church is more than 360 year-old one and the first Catholic church in northeastern region of China.
On the church ground, there is a small church building and memorial room of Saint Andrew Kim Tae-gon and two other buildings. Of them the memorial room of the Saint has kept its original form built in 1841.
"Demolition of Jinjahyang church is a big loss for the Catholic Church in Korea in many aspects. I hope that the Shanghai city provides new place and there we rebuild the church and Saint Andrew Kim Tae-gon's memorial building," Dr. Luke Choi Ki-jin from the Yang-up Catholic History Research Institute.

◎ Caritas Coreana Appeals Urgent Relief Aid to Quake-Hit Victims in El Salvador and India

The Caritas Coreana of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Korea appealed to Korean Catholics urgent relief aid for earthquake victims in El Salvador and India.
Following the devastating earthquakes which hit El Salvador(January 13th) and Indian state of Gujarat (January 26) and caused hundreds of thousands of victims, the Caritas Coreana took immediate action of urgent relief aid for these two regions.
The Caritas Coreana sent USD$10,000 to El Salvador, and USD$20,000 to India to their respective Caritas through Caritas International.
In his appeal, the Most Rev. Gabriel Chang, President of the Caritas Coreana insisted upon follow-up actions and asked the faithful and Church organizations Christian sharing for the victims.
Following his appeal, the One Heart-One Body Movement of the Archdiocese of Seoul sent USD$10,000 to El Salvador and USD$30,000 to India, and the Korean Catholic Association of Major Superiors of Women Religious sent to India 3,000,000 won(USD$2500).

◎ Catholic Bioethics Research Committee Born

A bioethics research committee that will speak for the official position of the Catholic Church for problems related to human life was launched on January 16, at the CBCK's conference room.
The research committee was sep up under the Committee for the Doctrine of the Faith as it was decided at the 2000 Autumn Assembly General of the CBCK with objective to study bioethical problems raised by the development of bioscience and prepare Church guidelines on general issues related to it, especially human cloning.
The committee decided to hold regular bimonthly meeting, but to have special meetings any time when necessary.
The committee will treat very delicate moral problems such as bioengineering, abortion, death penalty and euthanasia that require high level of expertise and profession, and will speak for the Church on these issues, and will assume necessary education and communication in general.

◎ Cardinal Kim Honored With German Order of Merit

His Eminence Stephen Cardinal Kim Sou-hwan was awarded, on January 29, Germany's highest civilian order of merit Grosses Verdienstkreuz mit Stern for his work to promote the relationship between Korea and Germany, and the right of the Germans missionaries and religious who have been working in Korea.
The "Grosses Verdienstkreuz mit Stern" award is the highest honor the German government can bestow on its own citizens or foreigners for outstanding service to the state.
Dr. Hubertus von Morr, the German Ambassador to Korea, presented Cardinal Kim with the medal at his official residence in Songbuk- dong, Seoul, on behalf of German President Johannes Rau in the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio to Seoul, the Most Rev. Giovanni B. Morandini, and the Most Rev. Peter Kang, Auxiliary Bishop of Seoul Archdiocese, including many others.
"It is our honor to offer Grosses Verdienstkreuz mit Stern to His Eminence Stephen Cardinal Kim who is considered one of the most great persons in the contemporary Korean history," the German Amb. Dr. Hubertus von Morr said.
"From 1956 to 1963, Cardinal Kim made considerable contribution for Korean mine workers and nurses working in Germany and also he has helped German missionaries in Korean when they were in difficulty," he added.
Cardinal Kim responded; "I want to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks to the German President Johannes Rau and the German Amb. Dr. Hubertus von Morr to grant such honorable award of Grosses Verdienstkreuz mit Stern to me who don't deserve it.
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