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Communications on Apr. 06, 2001

2009.08.24 10:52


◎Priests of the Diocese of Inchon to Decide to Share Stipend with the Unemployed

Priests of the Diocese of Inchon took initiative to help children's education of the unemployed.
Over 60 priests including the Most Rev. William McNaughton, Bishop of Inchon, and the Most Rev. Boniface Choi Ki-san, Coadjutor of Inchon, decided to reserve a tenth of their monthly stipend to help children of the dismissed from Daewoo Motor for one year.
"As of March 31, over 60 priests including the two Bishops responded to the project," said Rev. Cho Tong-ho, Director of Social Pastoral Care Department, who took the initiative of helping unemploed people's family.
Along with the preist's move individual parishes and diocesan started to take part in the project.
Collected money will be administrated by the Bupyeong Labor Pastoral Committee for middle school students of any family of the dismissed from Daewoo Motor who apply for without distinction of religions.
"This is a good opportunity to remind the clergy that they are the first who have to be concerned for those in need and share. Also an excellent opportunity to strengthen unity and solidarity among us. We will be happy, if this small gesture can be helpful for children's education of jobless families and give them some hope and courage," Rev. Cho said.
Such initiative and action of charity are appreciated as a implementation of the spirit of the diocesan synod of Inchon for social evangelization.

◎South and North Korean Religious Leaders Agree to Hold Peace Event

The 2-day meeting of inter Korean religious peace conference was held from March 27 to 29 at Geumgang Mountain Hotel in North Korea aimed at promoting the spirit of the South-North Agreement of June 15th, 2000 and the reconciliation of the Korean peninsula.
The delegates of the Korean Conference on Religion and Peace of South Korea(KCRP) and the Korean Conference on Religion(KCR) of North Korea adopted a joint agreement to hold a joint peace meeting alternatively in Seoul and Pyeongyang and effective exchanges and mutual collaboration for peaceful and independent reunification of the Korean people.
Rev. Peter Chung Byong-jo, the undersecretary of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea, and Rev. Park Chang-il from the Korean Priests Association for Justice asked the North Korean government to allow to send a South Korean priest to Jangchung Church and to build more church buildings in North Korea.
The KCRP is composed of seven major religions in South Korea and the KCR is composed of the leaders of the four main religions in North Korea including Catholics, Buddhists, Protestants and Cheondogyo.
In this meeting over 30 religious delegates from South and North participated.
The participants urged the Japan immediately to stop its attempt to make a distorted history textbook.

◎Interreligious "Prayer Room" Opened at Inchon New International Airport Welcomed

Two Prayer Rooms were opened at the Inchon International Airport that was inaugurated on March 29.
The two Prayer Rooms, located each in the east and west end points of the transfer waiting room on the fourth floor, are opened to all passengers who want to pray while they are waiting for another plane.
"I was very happy to find a prayer room at the Inchon Airport. It will help passengers to sit down quietly for a moment and pray for their safe trip and meet God. I saw it at the Singapore Airport and it is the second one. I'm grateful for it and want to thank the Inchon International Airport administration for this good initiative," an American passenger said.

◎ Interreligious North Korean Relief Service Group Born

The International Service for Reconciliation-Korea (ISR-Korea), a relief service organization to help North Korean pregnant women, children and disabled was officially formed on March 31st in Seoul, at the High School of Sisters of Sacred Heart of Jesus.
The ISR-Korea, in solidarity with the International Research Institute for Reconciliation Policy in the U.S.A., plans to extend its relief activity to reach out people in places of war, conflicts and disasters in Africa, Europe and Asia, especially, the North Korea in order to witness the spirit of love and peace of Jesus.
On the foundation day the ISR-Korea decided to send vermicide to the two million of the North Korean children; medicines for promoting nutrition and antibiotics to the North Korean pregnant women; 500 wheelchairs for the disabled; 100,000 injectors of throwaway after use and it decided to establish a pharmaceutic industry in North Korea.
"The ISR-Korea wants to be interreligious because we who want to help the others have to reconcile between us first of all," said Sr. Ko To-im from the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who was elected one of the joint representative of the ISR-Korea.
They made four principles of the North Korean relief service: life first, beneficiaries first, transparency of relief and transparency of report.

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