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Communications on Apr. 27, 2001

2009.08.24 10:55


◎ Catholics Congratulate on Buddha's Birthday

On the occasion of the 2545th anniversary of Buddha's Birthday on May 1st a friendly atmosphere is created between Catholics and Buddhists beyond the religion.
The Most Rev. Boniface Choi Ki-san, President of the Committee for Promoting Christian Unity & Interreligious Dialogue of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea(CBCK) issued a congratulatory message addressed to all Korean Buddhists and the Most Rev. Nicholas Cheong Archbishop of Seoul, sent a congratulatory telegram
to the Most Venerable Jeong Dae, President of Chogye Order(main buddhist sect) while some parishes across the country expressed their friendship and congratulatory greetings by putting up placards in front of parish churches and sending flowerpots etc.
"In this crossing time of great progress of relationship of South and North and time of economic crisis, we wish the Catholics and Buddhists can collaborate together to give a hope to the people who are faced in difficulties and alleviate their sufferings, especially give a help to the poor," Most Rev. Choi said.
"In our history of suffering, the Buddhism was always with Korean people and shared their joy and sorrow with them as well as made a great contribution to the progress of our culture influencing on mentality of Korean people. Moreover it continues to help needy people with merciful and generous heart following the teaching of Buddha," the message said.
A number of parishes across the country including the Poidong Parish of Seoul Archdiocese and the Taechon-dong Parish of diocese of Suwon expressed heartfelt friendship to their Buddhist counterparts by sending short messages and flowerpots for Buddha's birthday.
"Peace and mutual collaboration between our two religions can contribute to promoting social justice and environmental protection," said Rev. Cheong Woong-mo, Director of the Communication Office of the Seoul Archdiocese.

◎ 'Open Churches' with No Wall Welcomed by All

Parishes tearing down walls or constructing churches with no wall are increasing in the last few years.
Positive reactions from the part of the faithful and neighbors around these churches create opinions that "Church with No Wall" should be expanded more across the country.
Moonjeung-dong parish of Seoul Archdiocese, now on construction, did not include wall in its plan from the beginning while the Diocese of Suwon made plan for new parishes with no wall.
"Open parish with no wall makes people feel free to come in church ground and familier with. Neighbors enjoy beautiful trees and appreciate benches to sit down and talk, and children love to come to play in it," said the pastor of Pukpyong Parish, Diocese of Wonju. He opened also the church ground as parking place for local people.
Myongdong cathedral located in the most crowded place of Seoul and Imdong cathedral of Kwangju archdiocese with no wall became places much appreciated by all, especially for people who have their job around.
"In Europe, the parishes and shrines have no wall in general. The church space has been understood by people as a space for all. Tearing church walls down has a spiritual values," said Stephen Kim Jong-shin, Professor of architecture at Dankook University in Seoul.
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