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Communications on May 25, 2001

2009.08.24 10:59


◎ Christians Urge Korean Government to Establish a Law of Human Cloning Prohibition

On May 23, the Bioethics Committee of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea and the Christian Bioethics Committee of Korea issued a joint statement regarding the human cloning and the experiment of human embryo and urged the Korean government to enact a law to prohibit human cloning and protect the embryo.
The joint statement of Catholics and Protestants came out right after the Korean Bioethics Advisory Commission(KBAC) announced a draft of “Life Ethics Bill” that restricts the study of embryo buds, the lump of cells formed less than 14 days before a fertilized egg develops internal organs.
The joint statement alleged that an embryo was a living thing and said that "The embryo buds, the lump of cells formed less than 14 days before a fertilized egg develops internal organs are human life too, therefore, any act of cloning and experiment of human embryo, artificially creating embryos for experimental purposes are against the dignity of human life for it makes human being a mean of biotechnology."
Regarding the alleged research aimed at overcoming hard-to-cure diseases such as various cancers and AIDS, the statement signers urged to develop an alternative way of medical treatment.
"Human cloning is a grave challenge against God's supremacy and destructive act to healthy family relationship, and the artificial manipulation of human gene is a serious challenge against the creation of God." it said.
"We Christians, Catholics and Protestants, confess that the human life starts from the very moment of the conception; human being is a sacred being created in the image of God; God is the master of life from its beginning to death," the statement read.

In the meantime, on the occasion of the seventh Day for Life, May 27, the Most Rev. Peter Lee Ki-heon, President of the Committee for Family Pastoral Ministry, insisted the preciousness of human life in his message.
"Human life is a gift from God, therefore, it has to be respected from the very moment of its conception to death under any circumstances." the message declared.
The messages expressed worries about certain debates raised recently in bioethics sector and presented a clear position of the Catholic Church regarding abortion, artificial fertilization, child birth by surrogate mother and euthanasia, etc.
The message placed emphasis on the dignity and preciousness of human life no matter who it is; "Whether it is an unborn child who is incapable for self expression and self defense, or a terminal patient who is dying with incurable disease, their life has to be respected."
"Some arguments are serious challenges to God who is the Master of life," he said and pointed out the wrong points of the abortion, artificial fertilization, child birth by surrogate mother and euthanasia, etc.
"We firmly reject any attempt to classify human life by quality because all human beings are precious and sacred in the eyes of God." the message read.
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