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Communications on July. 20, 2001

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* Seoul Archdiocese to Open Noodle Factory in North Korea

The Korea Reconciliation Committee of Archdiocese of Seoul (KRCAS, President: Most Rev. Peter Kang Woo-il) is ready to open a noodle factory in Nampo, a city under direct control of the government, located in southern part of Pyeongannam-do, North Korea.
On July 11, the KRCAS sent two noodle machines, one electric generator, two kneading machines and 100 tons of wheat flour equivalent to US $53,846 (70,000,000 won) to Nampo by Incheon Port, accordingly.
Also Rev. Chung Kwang-woong, Director of the KRCAS, and the delegation team went to NK for blessing and opening ceremony of the factory.
The Nampo noodle factory which is the first noodle factory opened by the Church in South Korea will be jointly operated by the KRCAS, the North Korean Roman Catholic Association (Pres.: Samuel Chang Jae-eon) and People's Commission of Nampo City.
The Nampo noodle factory's goal is to help children in baby care centers, schools and hospitals in Nampo area as well as to the sick and elderly.
Second noodle factory is planned to open by coming October in Sincheon, Hwanghae-do, where the Patriot Thomas Ahn Chung-geun was in activity during Japanese colonial era.
"With Nampo noodle factory the KRCAS will develop other projects to help North Koreans." said Rev. Chung Kwang-woong.
Until today, the KRCAS helped the noodle factory in Pyongyang opened by the Korean Catholics in the U.S. in 1995 by providing wheat flour on regular base.
The KRCAS will send 50 tons of wheat flour on monthly base to Nampo noodle factory.

* Pan-Religion Eco-Society Meeting Held

Some 100 members of the Pan-Religion Eco-Society Dialogue(PRES) had their first 3-day meeting at the One Heart Retreat House from July 9 with a theme of "Awakening and Spirituality of Life".
The participants from four religions included Catholics priests, religious and lay faithful; Buddhists monks and faithful; Protestant ministers and faithful.
In one heart and mind, the participants made sincere reflections and exchanges regarding common concern of life, especially, the role of religion to promote eco-friendly-society.
They asked questions; what the poverty of religious people as a way of spiritual achievement, means in today's consuming society and how should they practice it in daily life?
During the meeting, each religion prepared common prayer of the day which was appreciated by the participants.
"Such place of sharing and common reflection will help us, not only for common causes but also for mutual understanding and approach to other religions." a participant said.

*Catholic Women Welcome Revised Maternity Protection Law

"First, the maternity protection law is significant in the sense that the government is opting to share the social burden of childcare; Second, we think that with the passing of the revised maternity law a new chapter open for Korean working women," Susanna Youn from the Committee for Women of the CBCK welcomed the new law passed on July 18 by the National Assembly by adding that "many women's groups think that rights of working mothers are not reflected enough in the new law and several key demands of women are not met, but we can't obtain everything at once. We will keep working for further promotion of women."
The landmark revisions signify the government's acknowledging the need for shouldering social responsibility regarding childcare.
Under the revision law, maternity leave will be expanded to 90 days from the current 60, starting Nov. 1, with the increased costs to be split by the government and the employment insurance funds. Companies will be obligated to pay them for the first 60 days of their leave, as before.
In addition, either parent will be given limited paid leave, up to a certain period, after the child is born.
The revisions also include several provisions centered on effectively preventing gender discrimination in the workplace.
The Equal Employment Law will be additionally applied to small-sized workplaces with less than 4 people, while punitive measures will be strengthened against employers in violation of the law.
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