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Communications on Aug. 10, 2001

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* Interreligious Youth Make Peace Pilgrimage

80 youths from the seven major religions in Korea including Catholics, Protestants and Buddhists made a 6-day peace pilgrimage ‘from Halla to Baekdu' from Aug. 6 to 11.
The interreligious youth pilgrimage was first launched last year by the ‘Hand and in Hand Campaign for Peace and Reconciliation of Korean People' (Executive Chair: Rev. John Kim Jong-su, Secretary General of the CBCK) to inculcate national spirit and consciousness of reunification to young people.
The second interreligious youth peace pilgrimage was made to torn down walls among religions and to promote the national spirit of the youth, the leading protagonists for the 21st century.
They had a simultaneous prayer ceremony for peace and reconciliation of Korean people on the top of the two mountains. After that the Baekdu Mountain team visited Yongjeong Middle School in China that produced many prominent Korean patriots and anti-Japan resistants during the Japanese occupation and the historic site of Goguryeo also in China.
In their return they had ‘hapsu-hapto' ceremony, a peace ceremony of mixing the earth and the water from the two mountains as a symbol of unity and reconciliation of Korean people.
The youths of seven religions included Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, Won Buddhists, Confucianists, Chondogyo and Association of Ethnic Religions.
The Baekdu Mountain, the highest mountain in Korea with an altitude of 2.744m, is located in between Hamgyeong Province, North Korea and Manchuria. The Cheonji Pond on the top of Baekdu Mountain is the source of the three big rivers of Amnokgang, Dumangang and Sonhua(in China). From ancient times, the majestic Baekdu Mountain was considered by Korean people as a ‘symbol of national spirit' and a ‘sacred mountain or spirit mountain' from which they receive national spirit and energy.
The Halla Mountain, the highest mountain in South Korea with an altitude of 1,960m, is located in the center of Jeju Island at the end of southern part of Korea. Halla Mountain, one of the National Parks, is renowned for its beauty with mountain cherry blossom, azalea and rapeflowers. It was designated by the UNESCO world cultural heritage in 1996.
The two mountains each represent the South and the North for Korean people, thus encounter of the two mountains means 'One Korea'.

* Renewal of Church will Depend on Renewal of the Clergy

Men and women religious working in the Archdiocese of Seoul pointed out the question of clergy as the priority subject to be treated in the Synod of Seoul Archdiocese by suggesting that the renewal of Church will depend on the renewal of clergy.
The poll made of the clergy some time ago indicated the same point by saying that most urgent question to be treated in the synod is the question of clergy by showing that the renewal of the clergy is urgently requested for the good of Church in general.

In a poll conducted last June as a preparative step for the coming synod of Seoul Archdiocese, 1,522 men and women religious from 81 religious institutes working on front line of the apostolate in Seoul Archdiocese had considered important matters to be treated in the synod in preparation by following order; clergy(1,265 or 17.6 percent); the youth (790 or 11 percent); the identity of the Church (687 or 9.5 percent); the social apostolate (657 or 9.3 percent).

Priority points they asked to be considered in the Synod:
1 - For the clergy: 1) human and spiritual maturity of clergy, 2) solid establishment of priestly identity of clergy, 3) integral human formation of clergy, 4) ongoing formation of clergy.

2 - For the re-education of the faithful: 1) gradual and ongoing education, 2) development of various and well-adapted educational programs, 3) systematic and ongoing education of the new faithful, 4) spiritual formation and Bible education.

3 - For the consecrated people: 1) solid commitment to poor, chaste and obedient life, 2) question of secularization, 3) witness of service spirit, 4) relationship of parish Sisters with parishioners; seeking to be friends of the poor.

4 - For the identity of Church: 1) Church with and for the poor, 2) Church close to people by overcoming authoritarian clergy-centered attitude, 3) Church in service for the need of the world.

5 - For the social apostolate: actualization of pastoral field of environment, bioethics and elderly.
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